Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 37

1. Project life cycles provide a better means of measurement of progress and control. The four phases of a project are conceptual development, _____, _____, and _____.
[A]Preliminary planning, detail planning, closeout
[B]Implementation, reporting, termination
[C]Development, implementation, termination
[D]Execution, reporting, finishing
[E]Implementation, termination, post-audit review

2. Response Planning is the responsibility of the functional areas and considers
[C]contingency planning.
[D]unforeseen occurrences.
[E]All of the above.

3. The definitive terms of a contract are written during which of the following contract phases?
[A]Contract Phase
[B]Post-Award Phase
[C]Award Phase
[D]Pre-Award Phase
[E]Requirement Phase

4. The sending or conveying of information from one place to another is the process of

5. Which of the following types of cost are relevant to making financial decisions:
[A]sunk cost
[B]opportunity cost
[C]material cost
[D]A and C only
[E]B and C only

6. In preparing a good project definition, experienced project managers will:
[A]Concentrate mainly on the end product rather than costs or benefits. These come later.
[B]Realize that only the "tip of the iceberg" may be showing. As a project manager, you must get beneath it.
[C]Understand that a project definition/plan is a dynamic rather than static tool, and thus subject to change.
[D]Try to convert objectives into quantifiable terms.
[E]All of the above

7. In which of the following is the cost of risk hidden by the contractor?
[A]Firm Fixed Price Contract
[B]Fixed Price Plus Incentive
[C]Cost Plus Fixed Price
[D]Cost Plus Percentage of Cost
[E]A and B

8. Management of a certain building was receiving complaints about slow elevator service. The solution adopted was to add mirrors in the lobbies to reduce boredom while passengers waited. This is an example of _____ .
[A]Kepner-Tregoe method
[B]Potential problem analysis
[C]Decision analysis
[D]Creative problem solving
[E]None of the above

9. Pure Risk differs from Business Risks because Pure Risk's _____ .
[A]include chances of both profit or loss associated with the business.
[B]include chances of loss and no chances for profit associated with the business.
[C]must incur personal loss with business liability.
[D]must incur business liability associated with loss of pure profit.
[E]B and C

10. The actual configuration of a PERT/CPM network _____ the amount of resources that can be devoted to the project.
[B]Is not affected by
[C]Does not require
[D]Is heavily dependent upon
[E]Is the only means of determining

11. The following types of costs are relevant to making a financial decision except:
[A]opportunity costs
[B]direct costs
[C]sunk cost
[D]unavoidable costs
[E]None of the above

12. The standard types of communication include all but
[E]None of the above

13. _____ of the extra costs of the project can often be attributed to a lack of quality.
[E]less than 10%

14. A budget estimate should give the manager cost data accurate to within:
[A]-5 to +10 percent of actual cost
[B]-25 to +75 percent of actual cost
[C]-30 to +75 percent of actual cost
[D]-10 to +25 percent of actual cost
[E]None of the above

15. All of the following are categories of a milestone in a schedule except:
[A]End date.
[B]Contract dates.
[C]Key events scheduled.
[D]Imposed dates.
[E]Task duration.

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