Monday, November 21, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 19

1. Ghatigaon Sanctuary, set up for the conservation of the Son Chiriya (great Indian bustard), is located in which state?
[C]Madhya Pradesh

2. Titan, the only moon (natural satellite) known to have a dense atmosphere, is the largest moon of which planet?

3. By voter strength, which Indian parliamentary constituency (Lok Sabha seat) having more than 33 lakh voters holds the world record of the largest constituency?
[A]Chandni Chowk (Delhi)
[B]Outer Delhi (Delhi)
[C]Nandyal (Andhra Pradesh)
[D]Samastipur (Bihar)

4. 'Uhuru Peak' at Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point of which continent?
[C]South America

5. What is the name of Japanese art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees, by growing them in containers?

6. Which country was formerly known as 'Formosa'?

7. Which is the first Indian state to have electrified all of its villages?

8. In which city is the Tropical Forest Research Institute (TFRI) located?
[A]Shimla (H.P.)
[B]Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
[C]Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
[D]Jabalpur (M.P.)

9. In 1206, who founded the Mamluk Dynasty, also called Slave Dynasty, in India?
[B]Aram Shah
[D]Qutbuddin Aybak

10. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got independence?
[A]Stanley Baldwin
[B]Clement Attlee
[C]Winston Churchill
[D]Neville Chamberlain

11. In 1925, who founded the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Nagpur?
[B]Keshava Baliram Hedgewar
[C]Lala Har Dayal
[D]Vir Savarkar

12. Which Maurya ruler sent his son Mahindra and daughter Sanghamitra to Tamraparni (present name Sri Lanka) for propogation of Buddhism?
[B]Dasarath Maurya
[D]Chandragupta Maurya

13. In which movement did social activist Sunderlal Bahuguna play a prominent role?
[A]Bhoodan Movement
[B]Narmada Bachao Andolan
[C]Chipko Movement
[D]Sampoorna Kranti

14. Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission?
[B]Prime Minister
[C]Vice President
[D]Finance Minister

15. Into which water body does river Narmada flow?
[A]Red Sea
[B]Arabian Sea
[C]Bay of Bengal
[D]Indian Ocean

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