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Saturday, November 12, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 11

1. 'Satyameva Jayate', the national motto of India, has been teken from which Upanishad?

2. Which state is known as the 'Spice Garden of India'?
[A]Andhra Pradesh
[B]Tamil Nadu

3. In an equilateral triange, how many sides are equal?
[D]Not fixed

4. According to Ramayana, who was Bharat's wife?

5. What is the motto of the National Cadet Corps (NCC)?
[A]Veerta Aur Vivek
[B]Bharat Mata Ki Jai
[C]Vayam Rakshaamah
[D]Ekta Aur Anushasan

6. By mixing equal amount of Blue and Yellow colours, which colour will result?

7. Which blood group is universal donor?

8. Which co-founder of Infosys, wrote the book `Imagining India : Ideas for the New Century'?
[A]N.R.Narayan Murthy
[C]Nandan Nilekani
[D]Kris Gopalakrishnan

9. Who presides over the joint sittings of both houses of Parliament?
[B]Prime Minister
[C]Lok Sabha Speaker
[D]Rajya Sabha Speaker

10. Which is the only state in India to have Common Civil Code in force?
[D]Jammu & Kashmir

11. Who wrote Bangladesh's national anthem 'Amar Shonar Bangla'?
[A]Rabindranath Tagore
[B]Kazi Nazrul Islam
[C]Mohammed Iqbal
[D]Taslima Nasrin

12. Which among the following is not a mammal?
[D]Blue Whale

13. What is the retirement age of Supreme Court judges?
[A]60 years
[B]62 years
[C]65 years
[D]70 years

14. Gayatri Mantra is addressed to which Hindu god?

15. In 1905, who founded the Servants of India Society in Pune?
[A]Lala Lajpat Rai
[B]Bal Gangadhar Tilak
[C]Gopal Krishna Gokhale
[D]Gopal Hari Deshmukh