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Friday, November 4, 2011

Business Quiz - 2

1. What is a computer network without wires called?

2. Religare mutual fund is owned by which company?

3. Name the television produced by LG(India) exclusively for rural India?

4. Bata is from which country ?
[B]Czech Republic

5. Mahindra & Mahnidra sperated from which international auto major in the production of compact car ?

6. Who is the author of the principle “core competency” and “bottom of pyramid” ?
[B]Henry Ford
[C]Michael Porter
[D]Greg Mankiw

7. Name the indian two wheeler major invested in small car production?
[A]Hero Motocorp

8. Spencers is owned by which group?

9. Land rover & Jaguar acquired by Tata from which auto major ?
[C]Leyland Motor Corporation

10. Name the book authored by infosys co-chairman nandan nilekani?
[A]Imagining India – Ideas for the New Century
[B]A Better India, A Better World
[C]The Story of a Dream
[D]The Road Ahead

11. Name the financial firm running by world’s richest man warren buffet?
[B]Schwab Capital
[C]Fluid Capital Group
[D]Berkshire Hathaway

12. Who is considered as Metro (metro rail project) man of india?
[A]E. Sreedharan
[B]B.L.Yashavanth Chavan
[C]Dr. Sudhir Krishna
[D]None of the above

13. This company was called Lutsuko and later changed its name to something that literally means 'to lose money'. Which one?
[A]L' Oreal

14. Which car in Spanish means 'Charming'?

15. Which international brand had an ad campaign - 'Tomorrow is mine' and had signed Rahul Dravid for the campaign?