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Monday, October 24, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 1

1. apparition
[A]ghost; phantom
[B]stormy; unkind
[C]adopt; support
[D]slight knowledge

2. cabal
[A]premonition of evil
[B]small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
[C]fitful; periodic
[D]order; charge

3. conveyance
[A]argumentative; fond of argument
[B]failure to do
[C]binding; required
[D]vehicle; transfer

4. discernible
[A]distinguishable; perceivable
[B]madly excited
[D]shrink back; flinch

5. equivocal
[A]doubtful; ambiguous
[B]lessening; reduction in size
[C]experience; support; nourish
[D]flimsy; unsubstantial

6. frustrate
[A]defamatory; injurious to the good name of a person
[B]pamphlet; a region of indefinite size
[C]not normal
[D]thwart; defeat

7. immobility
[A]cunning; artful
[B]state of being immovable
[C]drive or hunt out of hiding

8. inviolability
[A]loud and harsh
[B]layer of earth's surface; layer of society
[C]security from being destroyed; corrupted or profaned
[D]pass through; spread

9. melange
[A]give in; surrender
[B]medley; miscellany
[D]derived by reasoning

10. opalescent
[A]inclined to laugh; ludicrous
[B]sun's corona; halo

11. postprandial
[A]in essence; for particular purposes
[B]disposition to be lenient; mildness, as of the weather
[C]able to be touched; real; palpable
[D]after dinner

12. reparation
[A]reject; scorn
[B]reparation; indemnification
[C]amends; compensation

13. solicit
[A]protecting molding on building (usually above columns)
[B]haughty and contemptuous
[C]small world
[D]request earnestly; seek

14. thwart
[A]mass of material sticking together
[C]baffle; frustrate
[D]beastlike; brutal

15. zephyr
[A]gentle breeze; west wind
[B]prankish; gay
[C]speak foolishly; boast idly
[D]pertaining to effective communication; insincere language

16. abase
[A]a place where bees are kept
[B]outer boundary
[C]lower; humiliate
[D]animals of period or region

17. buxom
[B]capable of being shaped by pounding
[C]grant condescendingly; guarantee
[D]plump; vigorous; jolly

18. converse
[A]self-evident truth
[B]conclusion drawn from data
[C]a servile dependent

19. disavowal
[A]spend too much time on minor points; carp
[B]denial; disclaiming
[C]animals of period or region
[D]notoriously bad

20. equine
[A]conceited person
[B]resembling a horse
[D]withdrawal; retreat