Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 16

1. A _____ estimate prepared from layouts, sketches and flowsheets, should be accurate within (-10, +25%).
[D]Bottom up.
[E]Top down.

2. Assigning resources in an attempt to find the shortest project schedule consistent with fixed resource limits is called resource _____.
[E]None of above.

3. For communication to occur, there must be:
[A]Two or more people involved
[B]the transmittal of information
[C]a communication process
[D]All of the above
[E]B and C only

4. The ability to get an individual or group to perform a given task is best described as:

5. The comprehensive review of a contractor's technical performance, cost performance, and delivery schedule, is referred to as:
[A]post project evaluation
[B]post contract evaluation
[C]post mortem
[D]procurement performance evaluation
[E]contractor's performance evaluation

6. The financial closeout of a project dictates that:
[A]All project funds have been spent.
[B]No charge numbers have been overrun.
[C]No follow-on work from this client is possible.
[D]No further charges can be made against the project.
[E]All of the above.

7. Two sources of variation in the length of hex bolts exist. Production variation and measurement error. The QC manager knows that the standard deviation from these sources is 0.24" and 0.43" , respectively. What is the total standard deviation.
[A].10 inch.
[B].19 inch.
[C].34 inch.
[D].49 inch.
[E].67 inch.

8. Which of the following activities can be considered as part of risk mitigation
[A]risk identification
[B]purchasing insurance
[C]assessment of outcomes
[D]assessment of probabilities
[E]C and D only

9. In general, attempts to smooth out period to period resources will _____ the scheduled time and _____ project costs.
[A]Increase, decrease.
[B]Increase, increase
[C]Increase, increase or decrease.
[D]Decrease, decrease.
[E]Decrease, increase.

10. Risk management methodology should be adhered to in:
[A]construction projects
[B]system projects
[C]complex projects
[D]large projects
[E]All of the above.

11. The most common form of written project communication is
[B]Bulletin boards
[D]Letters and memos
[E]All of the above

12. The most difficult decision for the executive sponsors to make at the end-of-phase review meeting is:
[A]Budget allocations for the next phase.
[B]Authorizing scope changes for the next phase.
[C]Authorizing budget increases for the next phase based upon scope changes.
[D]Canceling the project.
[E]All of the above.

13. The most expensive phase of life cycle costing is:
[A]R & D.
[B]Applied research.
[D]Operations and support.

14. The rule of seven used by quality control engineers states that if a run of seven or more samples lays on one side of the process mean, then the process is out of control. What is the probability that this condition is the result of random variations.

15. The term that best describes the 'right' to manipulate or change others is called?
[E]Project charter

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