Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 12

1. Which of the following is closest to Juran's definition of Quality:
[A]conformance to requirements.
[B]fitness for use.
[C]continuous improvement.
[D]customer focus.
[E]All of the above.

2. A project element which lies between two events is called:
[A]An activity.
[B]A critical path method.
[C]A slack milestone.
[D]A timing slot.
[E]A calendar completion point.

3. Employee unions would most likely satisfy which level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

4. Management calls a meeting to explain to all employees the new benefits package for the rank and file. This is an example of:
[A]Upward communication
[B]Downward communication
[C]One-way communication
[D]Two-way communication
[E]None of the above.

5. Project management/project planning is most closely aligned with:
[A]Long range/strategic planning (5 years or more).
[B]Intermediate range planning (1 to 5 years)
[C]Short range/tactical planning (1 year or less).
[D]All of the above.
[E]B and C.

6. The profitability and technical data studies are provided in report format to owners and funders for acceptance. This type of report, used to solicit funding, is referred to as a(n) _____.
[A]Project feasibility study.
[B]Economic evaluation analysis.
[C]Risk management manual.
[E]None of the above

7. Which of the following constitute Juran's "quality trilogy":
[A]planning, inspection, control.
[B]planning, improvement, control.
[C]planning, organization, control.
[D]product, price, customer.
[E]design, build, deliver.

8. Which of the following is most closely associated with business risk:
[A]profit and loss
[B]personnel turnover
[C]workmen's compensation
[D]liability insurance
[E]All of the above.

9. Which of the following types of contracts is equivalent to a cost plus contract:
[A]Fixed firm price
[B]Cost reimbursable
[C]Fixed price plus incentive fee
[D]progress payments
[E]All of the above.

10. A project manager recently rewarded an individual with a promotion that carried with it a very small salary increase but substantially more responsibility. The project manager appears to be appealing to the employee's _____ need.

11. Most project (and non-project) managers prefer _____ communications.

12. On a precedence diagram, the arrow between two boxes is called:
[A]An activity.
[B]A constraint.
[C]An event.
[D]The critical path.
[E]None of above.

13. Quality control charts show a characteristic of the product or service against:
[A]the specification limits.
[B]customer requirements.
[C]control limits based on three standard deviations in each direction.
[D]control limits based on six standard deviations in each direction.
[E]A and D only

14. The identification, definition, and selection of the project objectives as well as the best approach to achieving the project objectives are indentified in the _____ phase of the project but first documented in the project _____.
[A]Conceptual, charter/baseline.
[B]Conceptual, master schedule.
[C]Development, charter/baseline.
[D]Development, master schedule.
[E]Development, masterplan.

15. The work breakdown structure, the work packages, and the company's accounting system are tied together through the:
[A]Code of accounts.
[B]Overhead rates.
[C]Budgeting system.
[D]Capital budgeting process.
[E]All of the above.

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