Saturday, October 22, 2011

Numerical Ability Quiz - 1

1. The net income of Ravi , if he pays the income tax of 3% & if his gross income is Rs. 22,000, is
[A]Rs. 20,000
[C]Rs. 24,500
[D]Rs. 23,000

2. Good Friday was on the 10th April in one year. What day of the week was on 5th June that year

3. The temperature of Srinagar was 20 C in the morning. The next morning it was - 20 C . What was decrease in temperature?
[A]30 C
[B]40 C
[C]-40 C
[D]-30 C

4. The sum of two numbers is 22 & their difference is 4. The numbers are
[A]12 and 10
[B]16 and 6
[C]14 and 8
[D]13 and 9

5. Mahesh saw fifteen birds on a tree. He fired a gun. Only two birds fell down.How many were left on the tree ?

6. A vessel contains 180 litres of milk , 60 litres are taken out of the vessel everyday & equal quantity of water is added. What quantity of milk remains in the vessel at the end of 3 days ?
[A]59 5/7 litres
[B]65 1/5 litres
[C]53 1/3 litres
[D]61 7/9 litres

7. In an examination 65% of the total examinees passed. If the number of failures is 420, the total number of examinees are

8. Out of an earning of Rs. 720, Vikas spends 65 % . His saving is
[A]Rs. 350
[B]Rs. 390
[C]Rs. 252
[D]Rs. 316

9. A candidate needs 35% marks to pass . If he gets 96 marks & fails by 16 marks then the maximum marks are

10. A 200 metres long train ,running at a speed of 60 km/hr passes a bridge in 1 minute . The length of the bridge is
[A]700 metres
[B]600 metres
[C]800 metres
[D]350 metres

11. 133% can be written as

12. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 8 . If the digits are reversed , the number is decreased by 54. The number is

13. A bucket full of water b weights 50kg, while half filled weighs 30kg , then the weight of the empty bucket is
[A]10 Kg
[B]16 Kg
[C]12 Kg
[D]20 Kg

14. If a jeep travels 24 minutes , then the distance travelled in 16 minutes would be

15. Mr. Sharma has two sons. Four years ago, Mr. Sharma was three times as old as his eldest son & four years hence the eldest son will be twice as old as the younger. If the younger is now 8 years old, the present age of Mr. Sharma is
[A]52 Years
[B]46 Years
[C]48 Years
[D]50 Years

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