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Monday, October 24, 2011

Finance(Security and Portfolio) Quiz - 1

1. Measures of ________ tells us what we can expect a typical or middle data point of a distribution to be.
[A]Central tendency

2. Capital expenditure -depreciation +change in working capital -(new debt issued - debt repaid) =
[A]Dividend distributed
[B]Equity reinvested in business
[C]Cash Reserve
[D]Owner's equity

3. What do you understand by term pioneering stage in the industry life cycle analysis?
[A]Highest sales
[B]Slow sales growth product recently introduced
[C]Lowest Sales
[D]Fast sales growth product recently introduced

4. In India futures on individual securities have been introduced by
[C]BSE and NSE both

5. Which is not the features of bond
[B]Call provision
[C]Sinking fund and protective covenants
[D]It can not be bought and sold by individuals

6. The compounded annual return of Kisan Vikas patra is ________.

7. ________ measures the profitability of operations without considering the influence of financial structure and tax rate.
[A]Earnings power
[B]Net profit margin
[C]Gross profit margin
[D]Net Profit

8. The govt allowed public sector banks and institutions in mutual funds in ________.
[A]Early 90's
[B]Late 80's
[C]Early 80's
[D]Late 90's

9. Mr.Saurabh invests Rs. 5,000/- today. The rate of interest is 4% compounded annually. What will be the value of his investment after 5 years?
[A]Rs. 6083
[B]Rs. 6089
[C]Rs. 6223
[D]Rs. 5283

10. ________ is due to the fact that a borrower may not pay interest and/or principal on time.
[A]Sure risk
[B]Tentative risk
[C]Default risk
[D]No risk

11. What do you understand by the term redemption price?
[A]Price or NAV at which a scheme purchases its units
[B]Price or NAV at which a scheme sells its units
[C]Price or NAV at which an individual purchases MF units
[D]Price or NAV at which FII purchases MF units

12. Investment decisions can be viewed as an integrated process to which security analysis makes its unique contribution.

13. Secondary reactions occurs because of ________ which arise in the market as a result of over optimism and over pessimism.
[A]Fundamental distortions
[B]Low trading volume
[C]High trading volume
[D]Technical distortions

14. is an example of on line trading portal.

15. What is not the feature of short-term trends?
[A]They last from 1 to 3 or 4 weeks
[B]They interrupt the course of the intermediate cycle
[C]They are usually influenced by random news events
[D]They are usually influenced by planned news events