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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination Quiz | 28 Nov 2019

1. If any act or amendment is included in the Ninth schedule of the Constitution, what will be the result?
[A]It becomes non-justiciable
[B]It becomes justiciable
[C]It relates to official languages
[D]A new state or territory is created

2. Who is entitled to initiate a Bill for Constitutional ammendments?
[A]Rajya Sabha only
[B]Lok Sabha only
[C]State Legislative Assemblies
[D]Either House of Parliament

3. For the creation of a new state in India, the ammendment of the Constitution will require _____________________________________.
[A]Simple majority in Parliament and approval of majority of states
[B]Two-third majority in each House of Parliament and approval of majority of states
[C]Two-third majority in Parliament
[D]Simple majority in Parliament

4. The Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India was __________________________________.
[A]Added by the 42nd amendment
[B]A part of the original Constitution
[C]Added by the 1st amendment
[D]Added by the 24th amendment

5. The Sixth Schedule to the constitution (Amendment) Bill, 1988 relates to
[A]Some discretionary powers of the governors of Mizoram and Tripura
[B]The power of the local bodies to levy professional tax
[C]Lowering the voting age
[D]The setting up of the Gorkha Hill Council


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Constitutional and Indian Policy Quiz | 27 Nov 2019

1. India is a democratic republic because __________________________.
[A]There is a parliamentary supremacy
[B]The head of the state is elected by the people
[C]There is independence of judiciary
[D]There is distribution of powers between the Centre and the States

2. Citizenship provisions are enshrined in the constitution in ________________________.
[A]Part II, Articles 5-11
[B]Part I, Articles 5-11
[C]Part II, Articles 5-6
[D]Part II

3. On whom does the Constitution confer special responsibility for the enforcement of Fundamental responsibility?
[A]Supreme Court
[C]State Legislatures

4. Which right was described by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as "The Heart & Soul of the Constitution"?
[A]Right to Equality
[B]Right to Freedom
[C]Right to Freedom of Religion
[D]Right to Constitutional Remedies

5. Details on how citizenship may be acquired and terminated are enumerated in _____________________________.
[A]Schedule I of the constitution
[B]The Citizenship Act, 1955
[C]Part II of the costitution
[D]Various enactments by Parliament


Monday, November 25, 2019

IAS PCS CLAT Exams Preparation Quiz | 26 Nov 2019

1. Which is the smallest parliament constituency in India?
[D]Andaman & Nicobar

2. Which constitutional amendment included secularism and socialism in the preamble of our constitution?

3. India's national song was derived from a famous book entitled _______________________.
[A]Geet Govindam
[B]Agni Vina
[C]Anand Math
[D]Bharat Bharti

4. What is the difference between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle?
[A]Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are justifiable
[B]Fundamental Rights are justifiable while Directive Principles are not
[C]Fundamental Rights are positive while Directive principles are negative
[D]Directive Principles are given precedence over Fundamental Rights

5. Secularism means __________________________________________.
[A]Separation of religion from state
[B]A system of political and social philosophy that does not favour any particular religious faith
[C]Freedom of worship to minorities
[D]Supression of all religions


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Indian Polity and Constitution GK Quiz | 25 Nov 2019

1. Who appoints the Municipal Commissioner of the Municipalities?
[B]State Government

2. Who of the following members was not a part of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution?
[B]Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
[C]N.Madhava Rao
[D]Jawaharlal Nehru

3. The provisions concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights by the President during emergencies was borrowed from the ___________________________________.
[A]Constitution of Canada
[B]Constitution of USA
[C]Weimar Constitution
[D]Constitution of Ireland

4. Which article of the Constitution of India provides for separate Ministers of Tribal Welfare in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.
[A]Article 161
[B]Article 164
[C]Article 162
[D]Article 160

5. Part IV of the constitution of India deals with __________________________________.
[A]Economic rights
[B]Civil rights
[C]Economic, Social and Cultural rights
[D]Political rights


Friday, November 22, 2019

General Science Quiz

1. A pH below 7 indicates ______________.
[Category: India GK]
[A]Purity of the sample
[C]Presence of ions

2. Valine, Alanine, Glycine, and Threonine are all examples of __________________.
[Category: India GK]
[A]Amino acids
[D]Nucleic acids

3. The Hong Kong pro-democracy protests have been dubbed as _____________________.
[Category: India GK]
[A]Yellow revolution
[B]Umbrella revolution
[C]Orange revolution
[D]Hong Kong revolution

4. At what temperature does water boil at sea level?
[Category: India GK]
[A]212 F
[B]180 F
[C]170 F
[D]100 F

5. What is the name given to the respiratory holes on the surface of a leaf?
[Category: India GK]


GK - Today's Quiz

1. P.V.Narashima Rao is the_____Prime Minister of India.
[Category: India GK]

2. Protection of the interests of the minorities is envisaged in which of the following articles?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Article 29
[B]Article 15
[C]Article 10
[D]Article 22

3. Lux is the unit of ____________________.
[Category: India GK]
[B]Luminous Flux
[C]Luminous Intensity

4. Who discovered the circulation of blood?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Edward Jenner
[B]Louis Pasteur
[C]William Harvey
[D]Hargobind Khorana

5. What is formed when hydrogen burns in oxygen?
[Category: India GK]
[A]Carbon monoxide
[C]Hydrogen peroxide
[D]Carbon dioxide


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Prepare for Exams | General Awareness Quiz

1. Who is the current governor general of India?
[Category: Bank GK]
[A]Raghuram Rajan
[D]Amitav Ghosh

2. Which is the longest lived Empire of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost six centuries?
[Category: IAS GK]
[A]Byzantine Empire
[B]Roman Empire
[C]British Empire
[D]Portugese Empire

3. The production of electrical power through the use of gravitational force of falling or flowing water is called as ___________________.
[Category: CTET GK]
[A]Distributed generation
[C]Induction generator

4. Who was known as Tiger of Mysore?
[Category: CSAT GK]
[A]Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu
[B]Venkatapati Raya
[C]Aravidu Ramaraya
[D]Haider Ali

5. With whose recommendations the Reserve Bank of India was set up?
[Category: Banking GK]
[A]Samuel Commission
[C]Hilton Young Commission
[D]Special Commission of 1925


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Current General Knowledge Quiz for Exams

1. Which compound of mercury is used as antiseptic?
[Category: Chemistry GK]
[A]Mercuric sulphide
[B]Mercuric chloride
[C]Mercuric oxide
[D]Mercuric iodide

2. The easily noticed smell of the LPG gas is due to _____________________.
[Category: Basic Science GK]

3. Hydraulic Brakes work on __________________________.
[Category: Basic Science GK]
[A]Archimedes Principle
[B]Pascal's Principle
[C]Newton's Law
[D]Casini's Law

4. A cotton wick dipped in pure honey when ignited with a matchstick will _____________________________.
[Category: Science GK]
[A]Burn with cracking sound
[B]Burn consistently
[C]Burns with too much smoke
[D]Does not burn at all

5. Clove is ___________ part of the plant.
[Category: Botany GK]
[B]Flower bud


General Knowledge Quiz

1. The ruling party of Singapore, where no opposition parties are allowed is called _______________________.
[Category: International Politics GK]
[A]Labour Party
[B]People's Party
[C]People's Action Party
[D]Communist Party

2. What is the national sport of Canada?
[Category: Sports GK]

3. The origin of badminton is attributed to _________________.
[Category: International GK]

4. What is the normal threshold of hearing?
[Category: Basic Science GK]
[A]Around 25-45 db
[B]Around 50-70 db
[C]Around 100-120 db
[D]Around 70-90 db

5. The red blood cells are in the _________________.
[Category: Biology GK]
[B]Bone marrow
[D]Lymph nodes