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Latest GK Current Affairs Questions Answers Quiz - 10 March 2013

1. The holding company of Bookmyshow has acquired Ticketgreen, a ticketing portal. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Bookmyshow's footprint in south India. The acquisition includes transfer of all key assets to Bookmyshow along with all the existing cinema partnerships under the ticketgreen brand. Sometime back, Bookmyshow had raised funds worth Rs 100 crores from Accel Partners. What is the name of the holding company of Bookmyshow?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] BMS Entertainment
[B] Bigbook Entertainment
[C] Bigtree Entertainment
[D] Bigshow Entertainment

2. Saina Nehwal lost in the semifinal match of All England Championships on Saturday, 9th March 2013. The second- seeded Saina lost 15-21, 19-21 in 40 minutes at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. Saina had lost to which player?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A] Intanon Ratchanok
[B] Shixian Wang
[C] Tine Baun
[D] Sung Ji Hyun

3. BlackBerry, which was earlier called Research In Motion, announced that its India managing director has resigned on Friday, 8th March 2013. He leaves the company with immediate effect. Can you name him?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] Sunil Dutt
[B] Rick Costanzo
[C] Varghese Thomas
[D] Sanjay Dutt

4. He won the presidential election in Kenya by a tiny margin, with 50.03 per cent. If he is declared the winner by the election commission, which has still to announce the official result, Kenya will become the second African country after Sudan to have a sitting president indicted by the International Criminal Court. He faces trial for crimes against humanity after the disputed 2007 presidential vote which unleashed tribal bloodletting. Who is he?
[Category: World Politics Current Affairs]
[A] Raila Odinga
[B] Salim Lone
[C] Uhuru Kenyatta
[D] William Ruto

5. The court of this country on Saturday, 9th March 2013, upheld death sentences against 21 convicts of last year's deadly soccer riot that killed 74 people, and acquitted 28 others, sparking off widespread violence in the deeply polarised country. Can you name the country?
[Category: Sports and Politics Current Affairs]
[A] Argentina
[B] Brazil
[C] Morocco
[D] Egypt


Unknown said…
Located in India it is Asia's largest
residential university. Name it...? A.Banaras Hindu University
B.The Utkal University
C.Jawaharlal Nehru University
D.Anna University

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