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Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 02 September 2012

1. China's defence minister is coming on 2nd September 2012 for four day trip to India. He will talk about border security with his counterpart Indian defence minister AK Antony and they may announce a new round of joint military exercises - following on from a recent joint naval practice in Shanghai. Can you name the China's defence minister?
[A]Liang Guanglie
[B]Cao Gangchuan
[C]Chi Haotian
[D]Qin Jiwei

2. The expert committee on GAAR (the General Anti-Avoidance Rules) to address the concerns of foreign and domestic investors, has recommended postponement of the controversial tax provision by three years and abolition of capital gains tax on transfer of securities. Which panel (headed by) has provided its suggestions on Saturday 1st September to the Government?
[A]Ganguly Panel (Asok Kumar Ganguly)
[B]Bhabatosh Dutta Commission
[C]Shome panel (Parthasarathi Shome)
[D]Committee of secretaries (Pulok Chatterjee)

3. Sajjan Jindal-led JSW Steel, on Saturday 1 September 2012, announced the merger of renamed JSW Ispat with itself, 20 months after acquiring a controlling stake in rival Ispat Industries. However the merger is subject to necessary approvals. What swap ratio (one equity share of JSW Steel for every n shares of JSW Ispat) has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies?

4. Which company has launched, on 31st August 2012, its second-generation Series 9 notebook in India? The company claims that the device, which has a 13-inch screen, is the world's thinnest and most compact notebook chassis.

5. Who won the Indian Idol 6 (an adaptation of the Pop Idol format) title, which started from 1 June 2012 and concluded on Saturday 1st September 2012?
[A]Devendra Pal Singh
[B]Vipul Mehta
[C]Amit Kumar
[D]Sreeramchandra Mynampati


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