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General Knowledge Questions and Answers (GK Quiz - 204)

1. Which of the following metals was not known to the Indus people?

2. Which of the following emergencies can be declared by the President on his own?
[A]Emergency Due To External Aggression Or Internal Disturbances
[B]Emergency Due To Failure Of The Constitutional Machinery In A State
[C]Emergency Due To Threat To The Financial Stability Or Credit Of India
[D]None Of These

3. Which of the following is not an objective of the Monetary Policy of RBI?
[A]Boost Economic Development
[B]Direct Credit In Desirable Direction
[C]Control Inflationary Pressure
[D]Ensure Social Justice

4. What is one of the disadvantages of the Wholesale Price Index in India?
[A]It Does Not Cover The Services Sector.
[B]It Is Not Available For Individual Commodities.
[C]It Is Available Only On Monthly Basis.
[D]It Is Available Only At Constant Prices.

5. Where is The National Chemical Laboratory situated?
[A]New Delhi

6. What is the most commonly used metal in the pure form or as an alloy in domestic appliances?

7. What is the process in which solid substance, on being heated, changes directly into the gaseous form called?

8. Match the following:
List I List II
a. Surya Sen 1. Communist Party of India
b. NM Joshi 2. Indian Republican Army
c. PC Joshi 3. Radical President of Congress
d. SC Bose 4. All India Trade Union Federation
a b c d
[A]2 4 1 3
[B]2 3 4 1
[C]2 1 3 4
[D]2 4 3 1

9. Which gas is used for artificial ripening of green fruit?
[C]Carbon Dioxide

10. In human systems, vitamins cannot:
[A]Help In Digestion
[B]Help In Metabolizing Drugs
[C]Help In Growth
[D]Supply Energy

11. When would a person weighs more?
[A]Moving Up With A Constant Velocity
[B]Moving Down With A Constant Velocity
[C]Accelerating Upward
[D]Accelerating Downward

12. ‘Blue revolution’ is associated with what?
[B]Iron And Steel Industry

13. The excavation in the Indus Valley have pushed the antiquity of Indian History to:
[A]5000 BC
[B]4000 BC
[C]2500 BC
[D]1000 BC

14. What distinguishes economic growth from economic development is that the latter implies:
[A]An Increase In Per Capita Income
[B]Changes In Institutions And Attitudes
[C]Concern For Ecology And Environment
[D]All Of The Above

15. Which of the following figures has the longest perimeter?
[A]A Square Of Side 10 Cms
[B]A Rectangle Of Sides 12 Cms And 9 Cms
[C]A Circle Of Radius 7 Cms
[D]A Rhombus Of Side 9 Cms


MICKY said…
As per u it's in bangalore...
wat nonsense quizmantra
this is the 2nd mistake in 2nd quiz that i played
r@k said…
I think u have some kind of blindness,see clearly before speak
Unknown said…
National Chemical Laboratory is in PUNE

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