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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Email Etiquette Quiz

1. Which of the following is considered to be poor e-mail etiquette?
[A]Have a proper sign off: Regards, Sincerely, etc.
[B]Responding to messages as soon as possible
[C]Using different colors/fonts/formatting to emphasize certain words
[D]Keeping the message personal

2. What should be the tone of a professional email message?
[C]Formal with slight usage of slangs

3. What is the purpose of the BCc field?
[A]To send copies of business e-mail to coworkers without the knowledge of boss
[B]To respect contact's privacy
[C]To keep e-mail looking clean
[D]To send copies to anyone you want

4. What is the best way to send a very large attachment?
[A]Compress the file (zip it up)
[B]Send it first thing in the morning so that person can look into it with fresh mind
[C]Send it only during weekend when traffic is low
[D]Compress the file, then ask first when would be the best time to e-mail it

5. What is Flame?
[A]A post or email message that exhibits a strong opinion or criticism
[B]Email with a message that if you do not forward it, something bad will happen to you
[C]It’s a new email service from Microsoft
[D]An online chain letter

6. Which of the following should be performed before sending any e-mail?
[A]Spell check. Use proper grammar
[B]Be courteous and have a nice greeting - Hi, Hello, Dear etc.
[C]Have proper sign off- Regards, Sincerely, etc.
[D]All of the above

7. John wanted to convey several points in his email. All the points are related to one subject. What is the best way he can put these points so that he can get his message across to the intended recepient(s) in the most effective manner?
[A]Include all the points in the first paragraph
[B]Include all the points in the last paragraph
[C]Use lists with bullets or numbers
[D]He should send separate email for each point

8. Is the usage of "Smiley-faces" in a message is acceptable?
[A]No. It looks childish and should never be done.
[B]Yes. But they should be used sparingly.
[C]Yes. Entirely acceptable.
[D]No. It shows lack of professionalism.

9. When should one respond/reply to an e-mail?
[A]When one get around to it
[B]After one day. It reflects that you are occupied and working hard.
[C]It doesn't matter
[D]As soon as one can; no longer than 24-48 hours.

10. Sachin wanted to send an email. He wanted to know whom should he copy ("cc")?
[A]Everyone in the department – just in case
[B]His boss and his boss' boss – so they know that Sachin is working hard
[C]Only those people who absolutely need to know
[D]The whole world. Why not? Everyone else does

11. What should be the best way to format the paragraphs when writing an email message?
[A]Paragraph should be short
[B]Paragraph should be long
[C]Paragraph should be indented
[D]No paragraph. Only bullet points

12. Ravi is sending emails to his colleagues and clients. What should he put at the end of his email message?
[A]Only his name
[B]His name and Company name
[C]All his relevant contact information
[D]A picture of his pet dog

13. Harry Potter wrote his email in ALL CAPS. What does it mean?
[A]Nothing special. It's his personal preference.
[B]He is shouting
[C]It's OK to forward this message to others
[D]This message is very important

14. Robin Hood has received an email and wanted to forward that email. He is not very proficient in email etiquettes and is in learning stage so he wanted to know from you the best way to forward any email?
[A]If he feels it's important
[B]When he knows that the other person should have the information
[C]When the topic is commendable and important to all onliners
[D]He should type a personal comment about why he is forwarding that specific e-mail to that specific person

15. What is the best way to down edit e-mail replies?
[A]Removing previous signature files
[B]Removing the previous two e-mails noted in the reply
[C]Removing everything not necessary to the ongoing conversation
[D]Spell checking the sender's previous e-mail