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Latest GK and Practice Questions for Banking Exams 2012(GK Quiz - 177)

1. MAT is an acronym that stands for-
[A]Maximum Alternate Tax
[B]Minimum Alternate Tax
[C]Minimum Affordable Tax
[D]Maximum Affordable Tax

2. Which of the following interest rate signifies RBI’s long term stance of Monetary Policy?
[A]Repo Rate
[C]Bank Rate
[D]Reserve Repo Rate

3. As per RBI instruction, places having a population of 2000 and above have to be provided with banking facility by

4. _________was the main objective of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003.
[A]Stopping money laundering
[B]Achieving fiscal surplus
[C]Eliminating revenue deficit
[D]Eliminating fiscal deficit

5. DEPB (Duty Entitled Passbook) which ended in September 2011 was related to-
[A]Import substitution
[B]Foreign Direct Investment
[C]Foreign Institutional investment
[D]Export Promotion

6. Recently the Ministry Of Commerce has introduced a new “Niryat Bandhu” Scheme for the guidance and mentoring of 1st generation entrepreneurs. who are Niryat Bandhu?
[A]Export assistants

7. In capital market the arbitrage is used for-
[A]Variation in different markets
[B]Purchase of commodity to cover the sale
[C]Sale of securities to reduce the loss on purchase
[D]Concomitant sale and purchase of securities to make profit from the price

8. If RBI wants to limit the capital outflow and control currency depreciation which one would be the most viable action?
[A]Foreign Direct Investment
[B]Increase interest rates
[C]Decrease interest rates
[D]Purchase govt bonds

9. The buying of shares and bonds of the Indian firm by foreign institutional investors is known as
[A]Foreign Indirect Investment
[C]Portfolio investment
[D]NRI Investment

10. The Financial Sector Investment Program (FSAP) is a comprehensive analysis of the country’s financial sector. Which among the following bodies conduct this program?
[A]World Bank
[B]International Monetary Fund
[D]World Economic Forum

11. Which among the following mentioned is/ are dealt by Indian Capital Market
1. Short term funds
2. Medium term funds
3. Long term funds
[D]1, 2&3

12. Net interest income is defined as the-
[A]Difference between interest earned and interest paid
[B]Interest earned on advances
[C]Interest earned on investments
[D]Total interest earned on investment and advances

13. ‘KYC’ know your customer norms were implemented in the Indian Banking System in 2002 as per the directive of

14. _______got RBI nod to issue prepaid cards to its customer

15. If there is an inflationary trend in the economy, what would be the trend in the pricing of the banking sector?
[A]No relevance of inflation in pricing of banks
[B]Increasing trend
[C]Decreasing trend
[D]Constant trend


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