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Banking GK with Special focus on Banking Current Affairs(GK Quiz - 174)

1. On what basis is the ad Volerom Tax levied?

2. RBI is coming up with the concept of __________in order to protect banks against possible harmful effects arising from the operations of their non banking financial subsidiary
[A]Financial Holding Company
[B]Bank Holding Company
[C]Bureau of Credit Union
[D]Financial institution Audit Cell

3. RBI has introduced Marginal Standing Facility with the objective of-
[A]Controlling Inflation
[B]Controlling instability in Long term interbank states
[C]Containing instability in the overnight interbank rates
[D]All of the above

4. _________are the beneficiaries in the Reverse Mortgage Scheme
[A]Govt employees
[B]Senior Citizen
[C]Unemployed persons
[D]Persons of BPL category

5. RBI was nationalised in the year

6. When did the liberalised Exchange Rate Management System (LERMS) started in India?

7. National Income in India is estimated by
[B]Ministry of Statistics
[C]Central Statistical Office
[D]Ministry of Finance

8. The exchange rate is dependent upon 1. Govt policy 2. Demand and supply forces 3. Monetary policy objectives
[C]1, 2&3

9. ________is the percentage of the total deposits of the bank which it has to keep itself in the form of liquid assets.
[A]Statutory Liquidity Ratio
[B]Cash Reserve Ratio
[C]Statutory Reserve Ratio
[D]Cash Ratio

10. Collateralised borrowing and Lending Options (CBLO) is a /an_________
[A]Money Market Instrument
[B]Instrument of Monetary Policy
[C]Type of risk cover
[D]Stock market instrument

11. Often we read in news paper that RBI has changed the Repo Rate and the Reverse Reverse Repo Rate by a few basis point?
[A]Ten % of one hundredth point
[B]One hundredth of 1%
[C]One tenth of 1 %
[D]Ten % of 100

12. Banks generally don’t pay interest deposited in which of the following accounts?
[A]Savings account
[B]Current account
[C]Fixed Deposit account

13. ‘Fiat Money’ is defined as the money which is
[A]Accepted internationally
[B]Accepted temporarily in lieu of gold
[C]Issued by keeping gold and silver as deposit
[D]Decreed as money by the govt

14. Demand pull inflation can be caused by which of the following?
[A]A decline in consumption expenditure
[B]A sharp increase in lending rates
[C]A steep decline in income tax
[D]An increase in direct taxation

15. For obtaining which among the following does a customer not require a bank account?
[C]Banker’s draft
[D]Credit card


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