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Quiz on Economic Survey (2011-12) [Current Affairs Quiz - 4]

1. Food grain production rose from 52 million tonnes in 1951-52 to ___ million tonnes in 2010-11

2. Allocations of foodgrains for Antyodaya Anna yojana and below poverty line (BPL) are being made at ____kg per family per month

3. It is estimated that in order to upscale farm productivity so as to grow more food given the stagnant net sown area, farm power availability must reach at least ___ kw/h by the end of twelfth five year plan

4. The share of industry in total employment increased from 16.2% in 1999-2000 to __% in 2009-10

5. The percentage share of services in GDP in the year 2010 was ___%much above that of china at 41.8%.

6. India’s services export grew at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of ___ % during the period 2004-5 to 2010-11 compared to 19.7 % of CAGR of merchandise exports in the same period

7. The share of services in India’s GDP at factor cost (current prices) increased from 33.5% in 1950-51 to ___% in 2010-11 and to 56.3% in 2011-12 as per advance estimates.

8. While agriculture continues to be the primary source of employment, service sector is in the ______ place.

9. About 22% of the total length of national highways (NH) is single lane/intermediate lane, about ___% is the two lane standard.

10. The global economy is expected to grow by ___% in 2012 compared to 3.8% in 2011 as per IMF January 2012 update of the world economic outlook(WOE)

11. Government has approved a project for a national optical fibre network in oct 2011 for providing broadband connectivity to all ___ lakh gram panchayat at a cost of Rs 2000cr.

12. Ministry of railways vision 2020 document envisages the railway’s sector sector share in GDP from existing level of ___%to about 3% as its revenue to grow by 10 %anually over the next ten years.

13. India’s per capita energy consumption of ____kg of oil equivalent is far below the world average of 1688kg(Planning commission report 2006)
[A]360 kg
[B]234 kg
[C]439 kg
[D]567 kg

14. North America accounted for 18 percent of world green house gases emission, China 16% and the EU 12% .India’s share stood at ___%

15. In the current fiscal 2011-12 on month to month basis rupee depreciated by ____% from 44.97 per US$ in march 2011 to 51.34 per US$ in Jan 2012


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