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Project Management Quiz - 74 (PMI PMP Exam Material)

1. Integration involves:
[A]Familiarizing team members with the project
[B]Making trade-offs between competing objectives and alternative actions
[C]Putting all the pieces of a project into a program
[D]Assigning responsibilities for all team members

2. Project documents are generally kept track of by the:
[A]Project manager
[B]Change control board
[C]Project administrator
[D]Review board

3. Integration is important in a project:
[A]As different PM processes are interlinked and interact with each other
[B]To decide which activities will require more effort
[C]To decide which activities will need more resources
[D]All of the above

4. Integration is the responsibility of the:
[A]Operations manager
[B]Programme manager
[C]Functional manager
[D]Project manager

5. To be an effective problem solver would require all of the following trait’s except:
[D]Out-of-box thinking

6. While integrating the project you find that a deliverable is delayed as the required person has met with an accident. To overcome this unforeseen risk you would use:
[A]Fast tracking

7. Project definition ensures:
[A]A common understanding of project purpose, objective, requirements, business needs, risk and any assumption/constraints.
[B]A platform to develop product and services
[C]Integration of products, services and results.
[D]A & B

8. Managing project plan does not include:
[A]Integrate product components in the project
[B]Integrate approved changes across the entire project
[C]Reviewing and analyzing impact of the change requests
[D]Balancing projects constraints: Scope, time, cost, quality and risks

9. Monitoring and control process are concerned with:
[A]Comparing actual parameters against the plan as documented in the project management plan.
[B]Controlling deviations and changes
[C]Collecting functional and non functional requirements
[D]a & b.

10. Monitoring does not include:
[A]Collection of project performance data
[B]Measurement of project performance data
[C]Communicating project performance information and status.
[D]Assessing the alternatives.

11. Integration platform provides:
[A]A common environment for product or product component testing.
[B]Compatible interfaces for product and product component for integration.
[C]A integration test report
[D]a & b

12. Sequence for Integration does not help in:
[A]Incremental assembly of the product component.
[B]Planning product delivery in steps.
[C]Creating work break down structure
[D]Avoiding any overlap or conflict in component integration

13. Sequence for Integration can be decided on the basis of :
[A]Functionality of the components.
[B]Customer’s need or priority
[C]Components dependencies
[D]All above

14. Assemble product components into a product does not
[A]Require a define integration sequence in place.
[B]Require an integration platform to be ready
[C]Require a resource break down structure.
[D]a &b

15. Which of the following statement is not true:
[A]Assemble product component is an incremental process.
[B]Before assembling components integration sequence should be in place.
[C]Product component can be assembled without meeting its specified requirements.
[D]Impact of any pending issues is being reviewed before assembling the components.


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