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National and International Current Affairs for May 2012 (Current Affairs Quiz - 3)

1. The finanace ministry on march 15 gave its approval for labour and employment ministry to to fix the rate of interest payable on EPF at what percentage?

2. Archaeological experts from Cambridge and BHU dug out relics associated with which civilisation at khalsa bohla village in karnal district ?
[B]Mughal era
[C]East india company

3. The state govt has granted exemtion to which team on entertainment tax for the tickets sold for IPL matches held in Andhra Pradesh?
[A]Royal challangers Bangalore
[B]Kolkata knight riders
[C]Deccan chargers
[D]Chennai superkings

4. Moaist rebels have taken sukma distict collector-Alex Paul Menon as hostage while he was touring the village.In which Indian State is Sukma?

5. India batting maestro and captain Rahul Dravid on March 9 2012 announced his retirement from international cricket how many test matches did he play for india?

6. A chemistry professor from jadavpur university has been held for caricature of which political leader discussing with the aid with an aid how to get rid of party MP?
[A]Narendra modi
[B]Mukul roy
[C]Mamta Banerjee
[D]Nitish Kumar

7. Which company has its biggest global deal for cloud computing which will provide provide free services to AICTE? the project will afford IT access to 11000 AICTE affliated institutions across India.

8. As per data released in march 2012 india’s exports registered how much growth in jan 2012 at $25.34 billion with the demand from western market remaining weak

9. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in march 2012 stepped into a fast track development and use of inland water transport(iwt) which opens the water route for movement of bulk cargo such as
[B]All of the above

10. Who was crowned as Pantaloon Femina Miss India World 2012
[A]Ipsita Pati
[B]Vanya Mishra
[C]Prachi Mishra
[D]Rochelle Maria Rao

11. The RBI in March 2012 hiked bank rate for primary bank rate for primary cooperative banks to__

12. In budget 2012-13, exemption limit of income raised to
[A]1 lac
[B]3 lac
[C]2 lac
[D]1.5 lac

13. SEBI in 2012 tightened advertisement norm for
[B]All of the above
[C]Mutual Funds

14. DRDO in march announced to have developed a new sub-sonic cruise missile which can be test fired in April. The missile is called

15. Who among the following personality has become the first person to have more than 20 million followers on Twitter
[A]Amitabh Bacchan
[B]Barac obama
[C]Lady Gaga
[D]Anna hazare


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