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GK Current Affairs 2012 and Current Awareness Questions (Current Affairs Quiz - 14)

1. The marketing committee of Board of Control of Cricket in India BCCI in march 2012 set a minimum bid price of how much per match(test, one day international, twenty20) for its six year global media rights starting in July 2012?
[A]Rs 22.25-24cr
[B]Rs 32.25-34cr
[D]Rs 44.25-50cr

2. World no3 tennis player Ivan Ljubicic announced in March 2012 that he will retire from March 2012 that he will retire from sports after competing in the Monte Carlo ATP event in the April. Which country does he belong to?

3. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), in March 2012, launched in single premium insurance plan. What is its name?
[A]Jeevan Sulabh
[B]Jeevan Saral
[C]Jeevan Vriddhi
[D]Jeevan Kanya

4. An empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on march 1 2012, decided to allocate how much spectrum for offering fourth generation or 4G telecom services?
[A]100 MHz
[B]500 MHz
[C]1000 MHz

5. Which social networking website was recently found to have secured credit deal worth $8 billion from a consortium of banks before its initial public offerings?
[B]My Space

6. As per data released in March 2012 which country swung into a huge trade deficit of $31.48 billion in February 2012?
[D]South Africa

7. Internet firm Yahoo! In March 2012 sued which social networking major in a Federal court in California, alleging violations of as many as ten patents, including those related to online advertising and personal privacy?

8. A doctor of Indian origin was suspended by thr British Medical Council in March 2012 for allegedly agreeing to perform sex selective abortion. Who is he>
[A]Raj Mohan
[B]Sumitra Chatterjee
[C]Deepak Mathur
[D]Rajesh Dahiya

9. Leading Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband, on March 92012 issued a fatwa against which of the following, ruling that the exercise is against the Sharia laws?
[A]Girls wearing Jeans
[B]Full body Scans
[D]Muslims playing Holi

10. Who among the following resigned from the National Ganga River Basin Authority in March 2012 claiming the organisation had become a toothless organisation?
[A]Rajendra Singh
[B]Ravi Chopra
[C]All of the above
[D]Rashid Hyatt Siddiqui

11. Infant mortality rate in India declined from 58 thousand live biths in 2005 to how much in 2010?

12. The High Court of which state on March 15 directed the state government to take immediate steps to stop mining operations by encroachers on govt lands?
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Tamil Nadu

13. In the new census data released in March 2012 which state topped the country in terms of households having both landline and mobile phone with 33.3% boasting of twin connectivity?

14. Who among the following was honoured with the 2012 international Woman of Courage Award on March 8 2012 in Washington DC?
[A]Shad Begum Pakistan
[B]Maryam Durani Afghanistan
[C]All of the above
[D]Aneesa Ahmed Maldives

15. State owned insurer LIC paid a dividend of _____ to Govt of India for Fiscal 2011-12 in march 2012
[A]Rs 990CR
[B]Rs 1138CR
[C]Rs 1390CR
[D]Rs 1200CR


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