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Current Affairs Quiz - 6

1. The comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India came down heavily on the state Excise department in March 2012 blaming it on the serious lapse in controlling liquor sale in
[D]Andhra Pradesh

2. A Delhi court in march 2012 dismissed a case against internet giant for allegedly hosting objectionable content and penalised the petitioner for dragging it to court

3. 64 yrs after India’s Independence many villagers of which Indian state saw a locomotive for the first time as it traversed 12 km from Jiriban to Dholakhal station?
[A]Arunachal Pradesh

4. A tribal MLA Jhina Hikaka a legislator from Laxmipur of which ruling party in Odisha was abducted by more than 50 armed maoist in koraput district?
[A]Biju Janata Dal
[B]Samajwadi party

5. Who was sworn in as Goa Chief minister heading a BJP led coalition at a ceremony in Panji on 9march 2012?
[A]Suryakant Mehta
[B]Manohar Parrikar
[C]Sumant Rane
[D]Ajit Chavan

6. Akhilesh yadav became the youngest Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. What is the of Mr Yadav?

7. In which of the following states that went to polls recently did the congress secure absolute majority?

8. A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit which country on 20 march 2012 damaging some 800 homes near epicentre

9. An Assam based wildlife conservationist group has questioned legality behind the assam forest department’s move of which activity of rhinos which has led to the death of the animal?
[C]Cleaning of nail

10. Who has won Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix 2012?
[A]Fernando Alonso
[B]Kimmi Raikkonen
[C]Mark webber
[D]Sergio Perez

11. Vijay Mallya is considering the sale of a portion of his stake in which flagship business as Kingfisher Airliners’ cash crunch continues to worsen and banks refuse to lend more money without equity support from the promoter?
[A]IPL Team
[B]Liquor business
[C]Luxury goods

12. The gates foundation of US in march 2012 announvced 220$ million grant to develop modern vaccine

13. In Jan 2012 india’s exports grew by ____% year on year to $25.34 billion despite weak demand

14. Foreign direct investment in india declined about ____% to 1.35billion in December 2011

15. Who was named as the worst actor at the fourth Golden Kela Award a spinoff of Hollywood’s Razzies awards , which recognises the worst in cinema?
[A]Ali Zafar
[B]Tushar Kapoor
[C]Imran Khan
[D]Saif Ali Khan


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