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Business Quiz - 9

1. Which internet and mobile based classifieds company has attracted an investment of US$32 million led by Warburg Pincus, a leading global private equity firm focused on growth investing in May 2012?

2. National ________ day is celebrated on 14th November which coincides with Nehru’s birthday and also celebrated as Childrens day.

3. In which Indian company’s mine, India’s biggest diamond weighing 37.68 carat was found?
[A]National Mineral Development Corporation
[B]Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited
[C]FCI Aravali Gypsum and Minerals (India) Limited
[D]Vedanta Resources

4. ______ is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells. ‘ said J Paul Getty, an American Industrialist and richest American in 1957 as per Fortune magazine.

5. Which investment guru says ‘risk can be greatly reduced by concentrating on only a few holdings’?
[A]Joseph Mark Mobius
[B]Warren Buffett
[C]John P. Reese
[D]Carlos Slim

6. The paints industry brings creative people in Paris to forecast colour trends. For 2011 it was Lime Twist. What is it for 2012?
[A]Tea Dance(a shade of red)
[B]Coffee Bite
[C]Lemon Zing
[D]Tingy Ginger

7. Name the Bollywood star who has been signed up by West Bengal state as its brand ambassador.
[A]Amitabh Bachhan
[B]Bipasha Basu
[C]Rani Mukherjee
[D]Shahrukh Khan

8. Which silicon valley hot start up has asked its under performing employees to surrender the shares given or get fired?
[D]None of the above

9. Why does Narendra Modi agree to the govt theory that high inflation is being caused by higher GDP. As per NaMo what is GDP?
[A]Gross Domestic Products
[B]Gross Devastating Productivity
[C]Gas, diesel, petrol
[D]None of the above

10. Name the insurance company with which TCS has signed the biggest IT deal ever by any Indian company.

11. SAP AG has announced in May 2012 to buy which software and information technology services company in $ 4.3 billion?
[A]Ariba Inc
[B]Utopia Inc
[D]Success Factors

12. Who has been booked for fraud by the Reebok company's financial director for alleged financial and commercial irregularities?
[A]Shubhinder Singh Prem
[B]Sidhartha Behura
[C]Rajat Gupta
[D]Pankaj Oswal

13. Which social networking site has launched IPO in May 2012 for valuation of more than $ 1 billion?

14. Which business school's one year full time executive MBA program has got AICTE approval recently?

15. This company has a total of 69 restaurants under brands like ‘Mainland China’, ‘Oh! Calcutta’, ‘Sigree’, ‘Machaan’ and 13 confectionery stores called ‘Sweet Bengal’ and launched it IPO on 16th May 2012. Which company we are talking about?
[A]Simplicity Restaurants
[B]Nagarjuna Foods
[C]Speciality Restaurants
[D]Nirula Hospitality


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