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Daily Digest and e-magazine for GK(General Knowledge Quiz - 148)

1. Which of the following Indian company on 16 February 2012 withdrew its decision to quash all its ties with the BCCI
[A]Reliance Industries
[C]Sahara Group

2. Who was sacked as the Bowling Coach of Indian Cricket Team on 13 February 2012?
[A]Garry Kirsten
[B]Venkatesh Prasad
[C]Eric Simons
[D]Brad Hogg

3. India had appealed to the International Olympic Committee to withdraw the sponsorship of which company from the London Olympics
[A]Dow Chemicals
[C]General Motors

4. Andrew Symonds, who announced his retirement from all the formats of cricket on 16 February 2012, is the player of
[D]South Africa

5. Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram inaugurated the the fourth and final regional hub of the National Security Guard (NSG) in which of the following places on 23 February 2012

6. As a part of the Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna (CNSY) Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on 20 February 2012 launched a major State-wide de-worming campaign. Which of the following facts are not correct with respect to the de-worming campaign?
1. The campaign aims to de-worm the children and save them from worm-infested diseases such as anaemia, malnutrition, and physical and mental retardation
2. Delhi Government had earlier conducted a study and found that the average prevalence of soil-transmitted worms was around 16 per cent
3. To overcome this, all school-age children of Delhi Government schools, Municipal Corporation Delhi schools, New Delhi Municipal Council schools, Delhi Cantonment Board schools, pre-school children in Anganwadi centres, and the adolescent girls of SABLA programme was given one dose of the de-worming medication on 21 february 2012, the de-worming day.
4. The exercise was conducted in schools and Anganwadi centres, where the teachers and Anganwadi workers would administer mebendazole de-worming tablets to every child.
5. The Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna was introduced in September 2010 to provide health check-ups and free treatment to students studying in Delhi government, New Delhi Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Delhi Cantonment Board schools
[A]3 and 4
[B]Only 4
[C]Only 5
[D]2 and 4

7. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) panel on priority sector lending on 21 February 2012 proposed increment in the target (priority sector) for foreign banks to 40% of net bank credit from the current level of 32 per cent with sub-targets of 15 per cent for exports and 15 per cent for the MSE sector. The committee was headed by which of the following members?
[A]M. V. Nair
[B]Dr. D. Subbarao
[C]Dr. K.C Chakrabarty
[D]Subir Gokran

8. The new version of MGNREGA included more than 25 agriculture and allied activities. The new version of the act will be implemented from___.
[A]1 April 2012
[B]1 May 2012
[C]1 June 2012
[D]1 July 2012

9. The Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari released a collection of poems titled LAVA in New Delhi. The poems were written by___.
[A]Javed Akhtar
[B]Hamid Ansari
[C]Salman Rushdie
[D]Salman Khan

10. India asked which one of the following nations to bring in a national anti-piracy legislation for investigation and prosecution of suspected pirates?

11. India and Pakistan on 21 February 2012 agreed to extend the agreement to reduce the risk from accidents related to nuclear weapons for another___ years.

12. The largest (12.76 carat) rough pink diamond ever found in Australia was discovered in a West Australian mine owned by Rio Tinto. What was diamond named?
[A]Argyle Pink Jubilee
[B]Williamson Pink
[C]Aurora Butterfly of Peace
[D]Eureka Diamond

13. A phase-two study of the World Bank's crisis response, presented in a report, titled The World Bank's Response to the Global Economic Crisis: Phase II was released on 23 February 2012. Which of the following facts stated below is incorrect with respect to the report?
1. Low resource allocation at the start of the crisis and the assumption that all financing demands could be accommodated from existing patterns of lending had played a role in the Bank's ultimate lending decisions.
2. While equity-to-loan ratios of the Bank at the outset of the crisis were around 37.5 per cent, the recent financial figures released by the Bank for quarter closing September 2011 suggested it had come down to 29 per cent
3. while much of the budget-support lending that the Bank undertook in India had helped signal the strength of public sector banks in the country, yet many of these public sector banks had capital adequacy ratios conforming to Indian government norms at the outset of crisis
4. The lending phenomenon was driven by country demand for Bank lending, and hence countries that were most engaged with the Bank before the crisis tended to approach the Bank more and in some cases get loans more quickly
[A]1 and 3
[B]Only 2
[C]3 and 4
[D]Only 4

14. Delhi High Court on 23 February 2012 dismissed a plea from the Centre challenging Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal's (TDSAT) authority to stop which of the following bodies from enforcing a ban on 3G roaming pacts between telcos?
[A]Supreme Court
[B]HRD Ministry
[D]Finance Ministry

15. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on13 February 2012 changed the bank rate, a medium-term signal rate after nine years with the objective to realign it with the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate as a one-time technical adjustment to link it with the main policy repo rate. What does the changed bank rate stand stand at?


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