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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 55

1. A project has three critical paths with 0 float values. What will the management challenge be in this project?
[A]No problem, project is easier to manage as we have three critical paths
[B]It increases the management challenge to monitor and control three critical paths
[C]It requires more people
[D]Not possible as a project network can have only 1 critical path at any point of time

2. Task float is determined by:
[A]Carrying out the forward pass in the CPM
[B]Carrying out the backward pass in the CPM
[C]Determining lag
[D]Difference between late finish and early finish

3. Which of the statements concerning bar charts (Gantt) are true?
[A]Bar charts are a simple and effective progress reporting tool
[B]Bar charts are a weak planning tool
[C]Bar charts have little predictive value
[D]All of the above

4. For Total Quality Management (TQM) to be successful it should:
[A]Flow upwards from the bottom
[B]Is confined to workers who are directly responsible for TQM
[C]Should flow down from the top
[D]Emanates from the quality department

5. The cost of quality to an organization comprises of:
[A]Work that conforms to requirements
[B]Work that does not conform to requirements
[C]Work that does and does not conform to work requirements
[D]The difference between conformance and nonconformance costs

6. Why is human resource important in projects?
[A]So that personnel can feel comfortable
[B]Because it directly impacts project performance
[C]To avoid disputes and conflicts
[D]HR does not have much role in projects

7. The most widely used organization structure is:
[B]Weak matrix
[D]Balanced matrix

8. The scope statement, WBS and the WBS dictionary together define the:
[A]Earned value calculations
[B]Inputs for scope verification
[C]Scope baseline
[D]Resources required for a project

9. Your company is thinking of undertaking a new project. Your boss wants to get an initial estimate of the project costs involved. What estimating technique would you use?
[A]Analogous estimate
[B]Definitive estimate
[C]Budget estimate
[D]Parametric estimate

10. Your company follows Just in Time (JIT) philosophy. This means the inventory to be kept will be:

11. Primary responsibility for quality management in the project rests with the:
[A]Project engineer
[B]Purchasing agent
[C]Quality manager
[D]Project manager

12. You are involved in developing the project's detailed scope statement. Which tool and technique would you not use for doing this?
[B]Stakeholder analysis
[C]Alternatives identification
[D]Product analysis

13. What is Not true of the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)?
[A]Is a hierarchical representation of departments involved in the project
[B]Work packages are linked to the organizational units
[C]Shows lines of reporting of team members
[D]Is a graphical representation of the entire performing organization

14. Which one of the following is not true in classifying a matrix organization:
[A]Strong matrix
[B]Weak Matrix
[C]Flat matrix
[D]Balanced matrix

15. You are interested in learning how to negotiate and are excited to be selected as one of the three members of your project's negotiation team. To be effective during negotiations which type of communication skills should be used by the team?
[A]Verbal communication
[B]Verbal and nonverbal communication
[C]Formal communication
[D]Friendly communication