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Friday, January 6, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 67

1. Which edition of AutoExpo started on 5th Jan'2012 in New Delhi, India?

2. Who is appointed the new CEO of internet giant Yahoo in Jan'2012?
[A]Carol Bartz
[B]Eric Schimdt
[C]Scott Mckneley
[D]Scott Thompson

3. Where did the first Youth Olympic Games held in 2010?

4. Which place is the venue for five-day 99th Indian Science Congress (ISC) which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday' 3rd January'2012?
[A]IISc, Bangalore
[B]KIIT University, Orissa
[C]IIT, Mumbai
[D]IIT, Chennai

5. Can you identify the name of the country where Indians were under racist attacks for quite some time and Indian government has been trying hard to stop these attacks through diplomatic channels?

6. Habib Tanveer was a legend from the field of …
[C]Theatre & Cinema

7. Fazer is the name of the bike model that belongs to the stable of…
[C]Hero Honda
[D]Bajaj Auto Ltd.

8. Which of the following represents the venue of the first World Social Forum meet that took place in 2001?
[C]South Africa

9. Liberhan Commission probed into the
[A]Godhara Carnage
[B]Babri Masjid demolition case
[C]Anti Sikh riots
[D]Netaji Subhash death controversy

10. e-choupal is a venture of …
[D]Marico Industries

11. Xtrapremium is an oil brand of ...
[D]None of these

12. Twitter is …
[A]Micro blogging and social networking site
[B]new operating system from Google
[C]latest discovered comet
[D]e book reader from

13. Can you identify the punch line associated with the Punjab National Bank?
[A]the name you can bank upon
[B]a passion to perform
[C]We understand your world
[D]Lifelong banking

14. Chanda Kochhar is the persent MD & CEO of
[A]HDFC Bank
[C]HSBC Bank
[D]Citibank India

15. ‘Save Money. Live Better’, is the punch line that you would associate with …
[B]Wal Mart