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Christmas Quiz - 1

1. St. Nicholas was mentioned first in which century?
[A]4th Century
[B]5th Century
[C]6th Century
[D]7th Century

2. When are the '12 Days of Christmas'?
[A]The 12 days around Christmas: Christmas Eve to January 4
[B]The 12 days after Christmas: December 26 to January 6
[C]The 12 days before Christmas: December 14 to December 25
[D]The 12 days beginning with the winter solstice: December 21 to January 1

3. In some countries, apart from Santa following also give presents to children, except one. Which one?
[A]Baby Camel
[D]Old Woman

4. All of the following mean Merry Christmas, except one. Which one does not mean Merry Christmas?
[A]Chuc Mung Tan Nien
[B]Froehliche Weihnachten
[C]Mele Kalikimaka
[D]Vesele Vianoce

5. The original song for Thanksgiving concert was?
[A]Carol of the Bells
[B]Home For the Holidays
[C]Jingle Bells
[D]Sleigh Ride

6. Santa Claus lives in different places as per different legends, however one of the following is not correct according to any legend. Which one?
[A]Finnish Lapland
[C]The North Pole
[D]The South Pole

7. In which year did Italian sailors rescue the bones of St. Nicholas?
[A]1287 A.D.
[B]1137 A.D.
[C]1187 A.D.
[D]1227 A.D.

8. In 1821 a poem was published that mentioned Santa Claus for the first time What was the name of the poem?
[A]A Visit From Santa Claus
[B]Friend of the Christ Child
[C]Santa Claus
[D]The Children's Friend

9. Which of the following is not linked to the origin of the Christmas tree?
[A]Martin Luther
[C]St. Boniface
[D]An Angel

10. How does Santa Claus(Sinterklaas) deliver gifts to the children in Netherlands(Holland)?
[A]On Sleigh pulled by Reindeer
[B]On Horseback
[C]On Oxcart
[D]He walks

11. Which city, famous for its 'Christmas Market', is also known as 'The Gingerbread Capital of the World'?
[A]Prague, Czech Republic
[B]Bucharest, Rumania
[C]Nuremberg, Germany
[D]Geneva, Switzerland

12. 'Christmas Island' can be found on two oceans. Name them.
[A]Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
[C]Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
[D]Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean

13. You are in Brazil on Christmas vacations and wanted to greet someone for Christmas. How would you say 'Merry Christmas' to that person?
[A]Feliz Navidad
[B]Boas Festas
[C]Buon Natale
[D]Felices Pasquas

14. Where did the real St. Nicholas live?

15. Santa Claus fills the shoes of children with toys and candy in all of the following countries except one. Which one?


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