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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Business Communications Quiz - 1

1. Written communication is a
[A]Direct Communication
[B]Non-Direct Communication
[C]Verbal Communication
[D]None of the above

2. The most effective way of communication
[D]None of the above

3. It can be used as legal record which may be used in the court of law
[A]Visual Communication
[B]Oral Communication
[C]Written communication
[D]Verbal Communication

4. Barrier for written communication can be
[B]Oratory skills
[C]Presentation skills
[D]Writing skills

5. Communication can be all of the following types except

6. Morale is static phenomenon

7. Group members should have a
[A]Different objectives
[B]Common objective
[C]Individual objective
[D]No objective

8. The same message received when you are angry or depressed is often interpreted differently when you are happy

9. Organizational objectives can be achieved by all except
[A]Group work
[B]Division of labour
[C]Hierarchy of authority
[D]Dictatorship of supervisor

10. Small Rest Pauses in between work gives all except
[A]Refreshes a person psychologically
[B]Refreshes a person physiologically
[C]Loss in work
[D]Increases output

11. Which of these is not the theory of leadership?
[A]Trait theory
[B]Fiedler’s theory
[C]Life cycle theory
[D]Heisenberg theory

12. Hygiene factors are ________ for performance
[C]Not required

13. Hawthorne studies points out the need for
[C]Employee benefits
[D]Work-life balance

14. It is important for a manager to study the human behaviours within the context of an

15. Objectives of the letter can be known in one glance by reading the
[B]Whole letter
[C]First paragraph
[D]Sender's name


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