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Daily MCQ Quiz for GK Current Affairs - 4th November 2020

1. Indian Navy's Ranvijay, Shivalik, Shakti, Sukanya & submarine Sindhuraj undertake Anti Submarine Warfare Ops & naval manoeuvres in Bay of Bengal with USS John S McCain, HMAS Ballarat & JMSDF Ship JS Onami. Navies of India, US, Japan & Australia participating in which exercise?

2. An advanced version of the DRDO-developed Pinaka today successfully flight tested from Integrated Test Range, Chandipur off the coast of Odisha. A total of 6 rockets were launched in series and all the tests met complete mission objectives. All the flight articles were tracked by range instruments such as telemetry, radar & Electro-Optical Tracking Systems which confirmed the flight performance. Enhanced version of the Pinaka rocket would replace the existing __________ rockets which are currently under production.
Pinaka Mk-I
Pinaka Mk-II
Pinaka Mk-III
Pinaka Mk-IV
3. Due to the inherent shortcomings present in the existing method of collection of stamp duty by means of non-judicial stamp papers, which state's cabinet today, 4th Nov 2020, approved the induction of e-stamp services in the state?
4. Union Cabinet of India on 4th November 2020 approved Rs 1810 cr Investment Proposal of 210 MW Luhri Stage-I Hydro Power Project on river _________; project to be commissioned within a span of 62 months; will also lead to a reduction of 6.1 lakh Tons of carbon dioxide from the environment, annually.
5. Army is providing new habitats & clothing to soldiers to help beat winters during deployment along China border. The soldiers are provided latest American extreme cold weather clothing for braving winters in Eastern Ladakh & carrying recently acquired _________ assault rifle.
Lockheed Assault Rifle
Sig Sauer

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