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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 21 October 2012

1. Assam government on 20th October 2012 released a 'White Paper' on immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh promising that steps would be taken to update the National Registrar of Citizen (NRC). Releasing the 'White Paper', Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said only 2,442 illegal migrants had been detected and deported since the signing of the historic Assam Accord in 1985. Further Gogoi described this issue as less important than issues of health, education, employment and agriculture. Gogoi described the white paper as the first detailed study of the problem so far. What is the title of the whitepaper brought out by the Home and Political Department of Assam Govt?
[A]White Paper on Foreigners Issue
[B]White Paper on Illegal Migrants Issue
[C]White Paper on Immigration From Bangladesh Issue
[D]White Paper on External Migration Issue

2. On Saturday 20th October 2012, aviation regulator DGCA suspended the flying licence of beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines for failing to come up with a viable plan for its financial and operational revival and resolve the impasse with its employees over payment of their salary dues. Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said the licence had been suspended for “safety reasons”, and should it fail to satisfy DGCA that it could fly safely, “the next logical step” could be cancellation of the licence. What is DGCA?
[A]Directorate General for Civil Aviation
[B]Director on Ground of Civil Aviation
[C]Directorate General of Civil Aviation
[D]Director General of Civil Aviation

3. The CBI on Saturday 20th October 2012, carried out raids at five places here after registering a case against Lt Gen (retd) Tejinder Singh on Ex-Army chief V K Singh's complaint that he was offered bribe to clear a tranche of "substandard" vehicles. CBI is conducting a parallel inquiry into the complaint regarding the monopoly that this truck maker has enjoyed for two decades in supplying all-terrain trucks to the defence forces. Sources said the chargesheet in the case is in the final stages and could be filed in a Delhi court shortly. The agency is expected to charge officials of The Truck Maker and the public sector Bharat Earth Movers Limited. What is the name of the truck maker?
[C]Ashoka Leyland

4. Former Prime Minister I K Gujral, late Defence Minister Jagjivan Ram and Colonel (Retd) Ashok Tara, who rescued Premier Sheikh Hasina and her kin from captivity of Pakistani troops in 1971, were among 61 "foreign friends" (In which 51 were Indians) honoured by Bangladesh on 20th October 2012 for their remarkable contribution to its Liberation War. Former Prime Minister Gujral and ex-Nepalese Premier Girija Prasad Koirala were conferred with the "Bangladesh Liberation War Honour" while the rest were awarded "Friends of Liberation War" honour. Bangladesh President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina handed the foreign friends gold-plated silver metallic plaques bearing a replica of the National Memorial and a citation on silk cloth. Who is the current Bangladesh President?
[A]Badruddoza Chowdhury
[B]Iajuddin Ahmed
[C]Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar
[D]Zillur Rahman

5. The new Apple store opened the company's largest store in Asia, with an area of 2,300 square meters and more than 300 employees on 20th October 2012. Apple currently has 390 retail stores around the world. In which city Apple opened its newest store?


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