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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 14 October 2012

1. Indian born woman became the First Woman Team Principal in Formula one on 11 October 2012 after taking the control of team Sauber, a swiss Formula one team with the stepping down of team founder Peter Sauber from day to day management. She joined Sauber in 2000 as head of its legal department and has been its CEO since January 2010. Can you name her?
[A]Tamira Paszek
[B]Monisha Kaltenborn
[C]Anita Bose Pfaff
[D]Angela Malik

2. The Congress on Saturday, 13th October 2012, suffered a setback in the Lok Sabha by-elections when it lost the Tehri seat in Uttarakhand and barely managed to scrape through in Jangipur in West Bengal, which was held by Pranab Mukherjee, by a narrow margin. Pranab Mukherjee’s son and Congress candidate won the Jangipur Lok Sabha by-election with a margin of 2,526 votes by defeating CPI(M)’s Muzaffar Hussain. The by-election was held on October 10 as the seat had fallen vacant after Pranab Mukherjee was elevated to the highest office of the country. What is the name of Pranab Mukherjee’s son who won the seat?
[A]Indrajit Mukherjee
[B]Sharmistha Mukherjee
[C]Suvra Mukherjee
[D]Abhijit Mukherjee

3. In a big blow to Odisha's attempt to attract big ticket investments, a big metal company on Saturday, 13th October 2012, shut down its 1 mtpa refinery plant at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district. The company also closed down its 75 mw captive power plant. The company said that scarcity of bauxite had forced it to close down the plant much earlier than December 5 as intimated to the state government. Can you name the company?
[A]Hindalco Industries Ltd
[B]Sesa Goa Limited
[C]Vedanta Aluminium Ltd
[D]National Aluminium Company

4. A former Indian cricketer and captain will be the next chairman of the ICC's Technical Committee. The much-feted legend succeeds former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd. According to ICC sources, the decision was taken in the executive committee meeting held in Colombo on Tuesday, 9th October 2012. He would be the second Indian to take on this mantle, Sunil Gavaskar being the first one. Can you name him?
[A]Anil Kumble
[B]Rahul Dravid
[C]VVS Laxman
[D]Navjot Singh Siddhu

5. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided factories in Nashik and Raigad districts and seized the candies-Mango Bite, worth Rs 2.36 crore. on Saturday, 13th October 2012, branding the candy "unsafe" owing to the presence of "excessive lactic acid", the FDA has asked the company to recall its stock of Mango Bite from all over Maharashtra. Which company produces Mango Bite?
[A]Britannia Industries Limited
[B]Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd
[C]Cadbury India
[D]ITC Ltd


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