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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 21 September 2012

1. She became the youngest woman pilot in world civil aviation history to command a commercial jet aircraft on 1 January 1990 at the age of 26. She brought the 787 Dreamliner from USA to India on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 and has become the first woman to command the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. She is presently the only woman pilot for the B-787's commercial flight in the world. Can you name her?
[A]Saudamini Deshmukh
[B]Durba Banerjee
[C]Prem Mathur
[D]Nivedita Bhasin

2. Subroto Cup Football Tournament is an inter-school football tournament in India, named after the Indian Air Force Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee. The first tournament was held in 1960, with participation of about 50 school teams. Since 1998, the tournament is played in two age groups, sub-Junior (under 14 years) and Junior (under 17 years). Which school clinched the inaugural Under-17 girls' title of the Subroto Cup football tournament on Thursday, 20th September 2012?
[A]Oriental English School, Manipur
[B]Government Mizo High School, Mizoram
[C]Greenwood Higher Secondary School, Nagaland
[D]Tumpui School, Mizoram

3. Future Ventures (FVIL), a part of Kishore Biyani-led Future Group an Indian privately held corporation that runs chains of large discount department, on Thursday, 20th September 2012, agreed to acquire 100% equity share capital of Express Retail Services, for an aggregate sum of Rs 613.5 million. Express Retail Services(ERS) operates 65 stores in the National Capital Region (NCR). By what name ERS runs its grocery chain?
[A]KB's Fair Price
[B]Big Apple

4. Dinesh Thakur, who died on September 20, 2012 was a noted Indian theatre director, actor in theatre, television and Hindi film. He played the lead role in 1974 movie Rajnigandha, which was directed by Basu Chatterjee and won both Filmfare Best Movie Award and the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie. He was the founder-director of ANK productions, a Mumbai-based theatre company, established in 1976. He also wrote the story and screenplay of a movie which won him the 1979 Filmfare Best Story Award. Which movie was pen down by him?
[A]Madhu Malti

5. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday, 19th September 2012 on a three day visit to press for a viable political solution in the island nation. Rajapaksa has been invited by Madhya Pradesh government for the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the new Buddhist university on Friday 21st September 2012. What is the name of the University that is coming up at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh?
[A]Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
[B]International Sanchi Buddhist University and Indic Studies
[C]Mahamakut Buddhist University
[D]The World Buddhist University


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