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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 18 September 2012

1. Reliance Infrastructure, a part of the Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group , on Monday September 17, 2012 entered the commercial cement market, launching its brand through subsidiary Reliance Cement Company. It started cement production at its first manufacturing unit at Butibori near Nagpur in Maharashtra in September first week this year. RInfra subsidiary Reliance Cement Company (RCC), which is executing the project, is developing another unit in Madhya Pradesh. By which name(brand) Reliance has launched its cement brand?
[A]Vimal Cement
[B]Reliance Shakti
[C]Reliance Cement
[D]Shakti Cement

2. Salman Rushdie recalls his life and 11 years in hiding after the leader of Iran "Ayatollah Khomeini" issued a fatwa against him for writing a novel called The Satanic Verses. Salman Rushdie reveals details of fatwa memoir which will be published as a book today on 18 September 2012. What is the name of the book?
[A]Fire of Life
[B]The Moor’s Last Sigh
[C]Haroun and the Sea of Stories
[D]Joseph Anton - A Memoir

3. On September 17, 2012 which IT Services company has acquired a 51% stake in Bharti Group-owned mobile value-added services (VAS) provider Comviva Technologies for Rs 260 crore?
[A]HCL Infosystems
[C]Tech Mahindra
[D]Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

4. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth Kate Middleton) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and a member of the British Royal Family. On 14 September 2012, the French edition of a magazine published a photograph of the Duchess sun-bathing topless while on holiday at the Ch√Ęteau d'Autet. On 17 September 2012, the couple laid a criminal complaint to the French Prosecution Department and launched a claim for civil damages at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nanterre. Which Magazine published the images in France?
[B]Top Girl

5. Pakistan on Monday, 17th September 2012, successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable cruise missile with a range of 700 km that could hit targets deep inside India. The "fully automated Strategic Command and Control Support System" of the National Command Authority, which controls Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, was deployed during the test which was conducted at an unspecified location, said a statement from the Inter-Services Public Relations. What is the name of the missile?
[A]Hyunmoo III
[C] Hatf IX Nasr
[D]Ghauri III


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