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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 16 September 2012

1. Stepping up its opposition to the government decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail and hike diesel prices, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has decided on Saturday, 15the Septmebr 2012, to hold a country wide protest. Apart from NDA, eight non BJP, non Congress parties have also decided to call for a nationwide bandh. When will these parties hold the country-wide protest?
[A]17 September 2012
[B]19 September 2012
[C]20 September 2012
[D]22 September 2012

2. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on 15th September 2012, cut the growth rate in the 12th five Year Plan (2012-2017) to ______ in the economy. This is lower than the 9%-plus growth that was being targeted earlier. This is inline with the statement made in July by Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, who had said that it was "not possible to think of an average growth of 9% in the 12th Five Year Plan", because of the various constraints facing the economy.

3. Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara scores a hat-trick of International Cricket Council awards in Colombo on 15th September 2012. The 34-year-old batsman-wicketkeeper bagged the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy after being named Cricketer of the Year. He also won the Test Cricketer of the Year and People's Choice awards. India's Virat Kohli took the one-day player-of-the-year honour. Which player was named emerging cricketer-of-the-year in ICC awards on Saturday, 15th September 2012?
[A]Doug Bracewell
[B]Sunil Narine
[C]Dinesh Chandimal
[D]James Pattinson

4. Diversified business conglomerate ITC Group, on 15th September 2012, commissioned its eighth property in India, set up with an investment of Rs 1,200 crore and considered as the group's largest hotel in the country and world's largest and highest LEED platinum green hotel that is 100 per cent powered by renewable energy. The 600 room hotel, spread across 1.5 million sq ft at Guindy was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. ITC Group Chairman Y C Deveshwar said that the hotel is inspired by the legacy of Chola dynasty and the hotel has conference halls & rooms in the name of Rajendra Cholan and Raja Cholan. What is the name of the hotel?
[A]ITC Grand Chola
[B]ITC Chola Sheraton
[C]ITC Chola Green
[D]ITC Chola Fortune

5. On 16th September 2012, about 300 people observing the one-year anniversary of protest movement have ended a march to a small concrete park in Manhattan that served as headquarters for the protest movement and was its birthplace. The movement will mark it's first anniversary on Monday, 17th September 2012. What is the name given to a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district?
[A]Occupy Charging Bull (OCB)
[B]Occupy Business Wall (OBW)
[C]Occupy Stock Street (OSS)
[D]Occupy Wall Street (OWS)


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