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28 September 2012: Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. In January 2011, Starbucks and Tata Coffee, Asia's largest coffee plantation company, announced plans for a strategic alliance to bring Starbucks to India and also to source and roast coffee beans at Tata Coffee's Kodagu facility. In January 2012 Starbucks announced a 50/50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages Limited which will own and operate as Starbucks Coffee "A Tata Alliance". Now Starbucks Corp will open its first coffee shop in India by the end of October 2012, John Culver, President, China and Asia Pacific, said on Friday, September 28, 2012. Who has been chosen to lead its joint venture in India?
[A]Percy T. Siganporia
[B]R K Krishna Kumar
[C]Avani Saglani Davda
[D]Murali Sastry

2. A passenger jet carrying 19 people, mainly foreigners, towards an airport in the shadow of Mount Everest crashed on Friday on the outskirts of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, killing everyone on board. Nepal has a poor road network and large numbers of tourists, pilgrims and professional climbers often rely on the country's 16 domestic airlines and 49 airports to reach remote areas. The latest fatal crash in Nepal, the sixth in less than two years, was from which airlines?
[A]Agni Air
[B]Sita Air
[C]Yeti Airlines
[D]Buddha Air

3. The Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) named a completely revamped selection panel on Thursday, 27th September 2012. Apart from chairman, four members of selection committee are Roger Binny, Saba Karim, Vikram Rathour and Rajinder Singh Hans. Who has been appointed chairman of the senior selection committee for a maximum term of four years to be renewed each year by the BCCI?
[A]Sandeep Patil
[B]Mohinder Amarnath
[C]Krishnamachari Srikkanth
[D]Kapil Dev

4. The Indian Railways is all set to increase freight charges levied on goods transported by trains. This will happen in compliance of the provisions contained in a Bill and subsequent notifications issued by the Ministry of Finance. The service tax in case of transportation of goods by rail, which was exempted up to September 30, 2012, would now be applicable on total freight charges with effect from October 1, 2012. The service tax in case of railway travel, which too was exempted up to September 30, will also be levied on the fare of passenger services in AC class. What was the name of the bill?
[A]Finance Bill 2012
[B]Finance Bill 2011
[C]Finance Bill 2010
[D]Finance Bill 2009

5. On Thursday, 27th September 2012, Infiniti Retail, Tata Sons’ wholly owned subsidiary that runs Croma consumer electronic goods chain, has acquired an Australian company's wholesale Indian arm for around Rs200 crore. The acquired company has been a supplier to Infiniti for six years. The acquisition gives Infiniti full control over its back-end operations. Name the Australian company.
[A]Southcorp Whitegoods Pty Ltd
[B]Miller's Retail
[C]REDgroup Retail


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