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Test of English Vocabulary (General English Questions) Vocab Quiz - 177

1. Ethereal
[A]Belief In One God
[B]Restore To Proper Condition
[C]Song Of Lamentation; Dirge
[D]Light; Heavenly; Fine

2. Exemplify
[A]Split Asunder
[C]Serve As An Example Of; Embody
[D]Explanatory; Serving To Explain

3. Extradition
[A]Not Developed; Elementary
[B]Surrender Of Prisoner By One State To Another
[C]Not Easily Satisfied; Greedy
[D]Rich, Figured Fabric

4. Falter
[A]Pertaining To The Science Of The Function Of Living Organisms
[B]Freedom From Narrow Limitations
[C]Excessively Careful

5. Fete
[A]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[B]An Artless Girl; An Actress Who Plays Such Parts
[C]Urbanity; Polish
[D]Honor At A Festival

6. Flamboyant
[A]Stubborn; Persistent
[B]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller
[C]Summon A Devil; Practice Magic; Imagine; Invent

7. Flux
[A]Rapture; Joy; Any Overflowing Emotion
[B]Various; Several
[C]Limit; Confine
[D]Flowing; Series Of Changes

8. Fractious
[A]Having To Do With Knowing Or Perceiving
[C]Slow Down
[D]Mar In Beauty; Spoil

9. Gainsay
[A]After Death (As Of A Child Born After Father'S Death Or Book Published After Author'S Death)
[B]With Reference To; Regarding
[C]Blessedness; State Of Bliss

10. Genealogy
[A]Foolish; Idiotic
[B]State Confidently
[C]Worldly As Opposed To Spiritual
[D]Record Of Descent; Lineage

11. Gloat
[A]Gradual Intrusion
[C]Express Evil Satisfaction; View Malevolently
[D]Small Plane Surface (Of A Gem); A Side

12. Gratis
[A]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[B]Half-Stiffed Laugh
[D]Regret; Disapprove Of

13. Gullible
[A]Fortress; Defense
[B]Easily Deceived
[C]Urge; Plead For
[D]Arrest(A Criminal); Dread; Perceive

14. Heedless
[A]Vexation; Disappointment
[B]Appropriate; Fitting
[C]Not Noticing; Disregarding
[D]Wonder Aimlessly (Physically Or Mentally)

15. Hirsute
[C]Being The First Of Its Kind In A Region; Primitive; Native
[D]Going From One State Of Action To Another


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