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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Computer Fundamentals Exam Preparation for Bank PO - 21

1. Digitising tablet is used to
[A]Sense the presence or absence of mark
[B]Identify the product
[C]Read text from paper
[D]Enter drawings and sketches into the computer

2. Java programming language is
[A]OS dependent
[B]OS Independent
[C]Hardware independent
[D]Both 2 and3

3. Web browsers
[A]Enable the users to visit a server’s computer site directly
[B]Enable a user to download information in various formats
[C]Have a history feature
[D]All of the above

4. The monitors of a computer is connected to it by a
[B]Line driver

5. Compatibility concerns
[A]Only OS

6. Process is /are
[A]Contents of secondary memory
[B]Contents of main memory
[C]A program in execution
[D]A job in execution

7. You can delete one character at a time using _______ key
[D]Both 2 and 3

8. Android is an
[A]Application software
[B]Web browser
[C]Mobile operating system
[D]Open international standard

9. A blu Ray disk is an example of:
[A]Hard disk
[B]Magnetic disk
[C]Optical disk
[D]Output disk

10. Which of the following protocols is not applicable in network layer?

11. Which of the following is pressed to create chart?

12. Viruses that can be triggered by the passage of certain data and time are called
[A]Logic bombs
[B]Macro viruses
[C]Boot sector viruses
[D]Resident viruses

13. OR, XOR AND can be performed by ______ of a computer in the CPU

14. Internet provides
[A]Online communication
[B]Software sharing
[C]Customer support services
[D]All of the above

15. Radio- Router technology uses a radio transmission framework for
[B]Broadband communication
[C]Wireless communication
[D]All of the above