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Friday, June 22, 2012

June 2012 Current Affairs Questions Answers online (Current Affairs Quiz - 19)

1. Who is retroactively disqualified from being Prime Minister of Pakistan due to his contempt of court conviction based on Supreme Court judgment on 19 June 2012?
[A]Yousuf Raza Gillani
[B]Asif Ali Zardari
[C]Makhdoom Shahbuddin
[D]Raja Parvez Ashraf

2. Where was the the seventh meeting of the G-20 heads of government held during June 18–19, 2012?
[A]Toronto, Canada
[B]Paris, France
[C]Los Cabos, Mexico
[D]Geneva, Switzerland

3. Who won the 112th U.S. Open Golf Tournament, which was played during June 14–17, 2012?
[A]Tiger Woods
[B]Webb Simpson
[C]Graeme McDowell
[D]Lucas Glover

4. Which country lends the International Monetary Fund $1 billion on June 22, 2012?

5. Which country's government on 21st June 2012 announced the plans to start selling marijuana in limited amounts to registered users?

6. An Indonesian court in Jakarta on June 21, 2012 sentences ________ to 20 years' imprisonment for involvement in the October 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people.
[A]Imam Samudra
[B]Umar Patek
[C]Amrozi Nurhasyim
[D]Huda bin Abdul Haq

7. On 19 June 2012, Julian Paul Assange - the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, a media website which publishes information from whistleblowers, requested political asylum under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by entering into the embassy of which country?
[C]United Kingdom

8. Which Business tycoon agrees to buy 98 per cent of the Hawaiian island of Lanai on 20th June 2012?
[A]Bill Gates
[B]Steve Ballmer
[C]Larry Ellison
[D]Eric Schimdt

9. The door of the famed Kamakhya Temple, seat of the Shakti cult,in Guwahati, Assam was closed for three days from June 22, 2012 due to which occasion?
[A]Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath
[B]Ambubachi Mela
[C]Raja Parba
[D]Bali Jatra

10. Which product was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event on June 18, 2012, at Milk Studios?
[A]Microsoft Windows 8 OS
[B]Microsoft Windows Phone Lumia
[C]Microsoft Galaxy S-III (tablet)
[D]Microsoft Surface(Tablet)

11. Who is nominated as heir apparent of Saudi Arabia after the death of Nayef bin Abdulaziz?
[A]Sattam bin Abdulaziz
[B]Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
[C]Abdelrahman Al Rashid
[D]Turki bin Ahmad al Sudairi

12. Which Pakistani cricketer who was convicted and jailed for 30 months for conspiracy charges relating to the spot-fixing in November 2011, was released from Jail on June 21st 2012?
[A]Mohammad Asif
[B]Mohammad Amir
[C]Mazhar Majeed
[D]Salman Butt

13. Scientists have recently discovered a secretive and exotic species of mosquito, which, unlike others of its kind, do not require a blood meal before laying eggs. What is the name of the species?
[A]Culex molestus
[B]Culex pipiens
[C]Culex Linnaeus

14. Which Indian veteran administrator, economist and diplomat passed away in London on 21st June 2012 at the age of 85?
[A]Irshad Panjatan
[B]Trilok Karki
[C]Karan Singh
[D]Abid Hussain

15. The Calcutta High Court on Friday June 22, 2012 held as unconstitutional and void the Singur Land Rehabilitation & Development Act of 2011 under which the Trinamool Congress-led state government had sought to take back land leased to which company?
[A]Reliance Industries
[B]Tata Motors
[C]Hindustan Motors
[D]Posco Steel