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UPSC Civil Services Main Exam Literature English Paper Preparation(Vocabulary Quiz - 151)

1. Demise
[A]Token Of Disgrace; Brand
[B]Hugeness (In A Bad Sense)
[C]Small Body Revolving Around A Larger One

2. Dermatologist
[A]Hang About; Wait Nearby
[B]One Who Studies The Skin And Its Diseases
[C]Security From Being Destroyed; Corrupted Or Profaned
[D]Rich, Figured Fabric

3. Devout
[B]Picture; Short Literary Sketch
[D]Foolish; Idiotic

4. Dirge
[A]Implied Comparison
[B]Periodic; On And Off
[C]Chance; Luck
[D]Lament With Music

5. Disgruntle
[A]Very Small Quantity
[B]Created By Statute Or Legislative Action
[C]Not Active; Acted Upon
[D]Make Discontented

6. Dissertation
[A]Pastoral Song
[B]Formal Essay
[C]Madly Excited
[D]Selective In Choosing From A Variety Of Sources

7. Doggerel
[A]Adopt; Support
[B]Absence Of Governing Body, State Of Disorder
[C]Having A Pale Or Sickly Color; Pallid
[D]Poor Verse

8. Duress
[B]Build; Lie
[C]Forcible Restraint

9. Efflorescent
[A]A Thing That Completes Another; Things Very Much Alike
[B]Blame; Censure
[C]Sky Blue

10. Embed
[A]Obligated; Indebted
[B]Enclose; Place In Something
[C]Introductory Statement
[D]Edge, Especially Of A Round Surface

11. Energize
[B]Prescribed Diet And Habits
[C]Cut Into Small Parts
[D]Invigorate; Make Forceful And Active

12. Environ
[A]Eating Both Plant And Animal Food; Devouring Everything
[B]Force Or Push Out
[C]Mass Of Floating Ice
[D]Enclose; Surround

13. Erroneous
[A]Popular Fashion
[B]Liable To Err
[C]Excessively Careful
[D]Mistaken; Wrong

14. Execrable
[A]Deceit; Duplicity
[B]Very Bad
[C]Impervious; Not Permitting Passage Through Its Substance
[D]Waste Matter; Worthless Impurities

15. Exploit
[A]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body
[C]Deed Or Action, Particularly A Brave Deed


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