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TOEFL GMAT SAT CLAT MAT CAT Verbal Ability Practice Test(Vocabulary Quiz - 146)

1. Nomenclature
[A]Restate A Passage In One'S Own Words While Retaining The Thought Of The Author
[B]Terminology; System Of Names
[C]Fear Of Being Locked In
[D]Extremely Hungry

2. Oblique
[A]Tube In Which Patterns Made By The Reflection In Mirrors Of Colored Pieces Of Glass, Etc. Produce Interesting Symmetrical Effects
[B]Slanting; Deviating From The Perpendicular Or From A Straight Line
[C]Destruction Of Life
[D]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law

3. Odyssey
[A]Interested In Money Or Gain
[B]Irritate; Fester
[C]Long, Eventful Journey
[D]Undeveloped; Rudimentary

4. Orifice
[A]Too Particular; Fussy
[B]Mouthlike Opening; Small Opening
[C]Looking Back On The Past
[D]Highly Successful Action Or Sudden Attack

5. Palette
[A]Approve; Ratify
[B]Rising Like Bristles; Showing Irritation
[C]Board On Which Painter Mixes Pigments
[D]Person Dissatisfied With Existing State Of Affairs

6. Paraphernalia
[B]Equipment; Odds And Ends
[D]Object Of General Attention

7. Patina
[A]Untidy; Careless In Work Habits
[B]Green Crust On Old Bronze Works; Tone Slowly By Varnished Painting
[D]Something Preceding In Time Which May Be Used As An Authority Or Guide For Future Decision

8. Perceptive
[B]Insightful; Aware; Wise
[C]Command; Arrange; Consecrate
[D]Calmness Of Temperament

9. Pert
[A]Extremely Loud
[B]Impertinent; Forward
[C]Attacking Cherished Traditions
[D]Construction That Is Flagrantly Incorrect Grammatically

10. Picaresque
[A]Adopt; Support
[B]Pertaining To Rogues In Literature
[D]Conspicuously Wicked

11. Plebiscite
[A]Temporary Stay
[B]Lower; Humiliate
[C]Expression Of The Will Of A People By Direct Election
[D]Marked With Parallel Bands; Grooved

12. Potent
[A]Lethargy; Sluggishness; Dormancy
[B]Powerful; Persuasive; Greatly Influential
[C]Opening In Chess In Which A Piece Is Sacrificed
[D]Lover Of Mankind; Doer Of Good

13. Propitious
[A]Unconscious; Unreasonable
[B]Favorable; Kindly
[C]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kep
[D]Overflow; Flood

14. Prude
[A]Equivocate; Play On Words
[B]Excessively Modest Person
[C]At Rest; Dormant
[D]Calm; Not Easily Disturbed

15. Purgatory
[A]Conceited Smile
[C]Place For Spiritual Expiation
[D]Thin; Rare; Slim


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