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Project Management Professional Certification Sample Test Paper(Project Management Quiz - 75)

1. Which of the following statements are not true:
[A]Often the end users are involved in validation activities.
[B]Validation can be done after verification.
[C]Validation can not be done in parallel to the verification.
[D]Validation is concern with acceptance of the deliverable.

2. Verification is not:
[A]Concern with acceptance of the deliverable
[B]Done by functionality demonstration
[C]Done by planned inspection
[D]Done by structured walkthrough

3. Document control does not ensure:
[A]All documents should be under configuration management
[B]Documents are approved prior to use.
[C]All changes are reviewed and approved
[D]Relevant versions of applicable documents are available at point of use.

4. Criteria for priority setting does not include:
[A]Business impact/importance
[B]Customer’s needs/urgency
[C]Team performance
[D]Impact on the project or organization’s other functional groups

5. Issues are tracked on the basis of
[A]Resolved and pending issues
[B]Major and minor
[C]Start and stop

6. Project audits, health checks and post implementation reviews are used for:
[A]Quality assurance
[B]Conducting post project reviews
[C]Identifying risks
[D]All of the above

7. A key parameter for scope verification is:
[A]Change control process
[C]Revised time estimates
[D]revised cost and time estimates

8. During project execution and close-out the emphasis of configuration management is to:
[A]Measure components delivery against the configuration baseline and deliver the overall system
[B]Deliver the overall system after testing the product or service's characteristics
[C]Firm up the configuration baseline
[D]Review whether the project delivered all the features fully and correctly

9. You are leading a project that has many key stakeholders. One of the key stakeholders asks you to make a crucial change towards the end of the project. To deal with such requests you should:
[A]Have a well established change control process to deal with all change requests
[B]Check with other stakeholders before accepting the change
[C]Accept the change as it is an important stakeholder and you do not want to offend him
[D]Forward the request to the Sponsor and let him decide to accept the change or not

10. You are unable to meet your timelines for an important software project as there were many changes in the functionalities being provided. All of the following could have given rise to this situation except:
[A]Scope creep
[C]Poor initial planning
[D]Poor leadership

11. What documents would you Not use to close out the project if contracts are used?
[A]Contract changes
[B]Product description
[C]Acceptance criteria

12. Before you can close out the project you must first:
[A]Fire all the temporary staff hired for the project
[B]Get a letter of Acceptance from the client
[C]Assign team members to a new project
[D]Conduct a project review for lessons learned

13. A Procurement Audit can best be described as a:
[A]Review to check that the procured items were delivered
[B]Review to check that the contractor did not overcharge
[C]Review of the procurement process to check the suitability of the procurement processes
[D]Review to check the contract price

14. All projects should be formally closed:
[A]Update and file all the project records
[B]Verify the project deliverables
[C]When they are terminated
[D]All of the above

15. When is the check list for roles and responsibility of team members prepared?
[A]Just before the project launch
[B]After the project launch
[C]During conceptualization stage
[D]None of the above


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