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Project Management Multiple Choice Question Answers(Project Management Quiz - 73)

1. Conformance to the requirements:
[A]Is the condition of the product or service in relation to customer‘s requirements
[B]Is same as customer satisfaction
[C]Is a tool used to measure quality
[D]Gold plating

2. Quality can best be defined as:
[A]Fitness for use and Fitness for purpose
[B]The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on it's stated or implied needs
[C]Highest grade
[D]Customer satisfaction

3. Grade of a product:
[A]Means the same thing as quality
[B]Can be used interchangeably with quality
[C]Is the level of a product or service
[D]Depends on the quality of the product

4. The interpretation of Quality can vary from person to person due to differences in:
[C]Economic background
[D]All of the above

5. What is not an example of cost of conformance to quality?
[A]Legal liabilities
[C]Quality audits
[D]Field testing

6. The company has to repair or replace a product. This will be taken as a?
[A]Recall cost
[B]Warranty cost
[C]Scrap and rework cost
[D]Inspection and testing cost

7. Cost of quality categories are:
[A]Prevention and appraisal costs
[B]Internal failure and external failure costs
[C]Prevention, appraisal, internal failure and measurement and testing costs
[D]Prevention, appraisal, internal failure and external failure costs

8. Appraisal cost is:
[A]Prevention cost
[B]The cost of evaluating processes to ensure they are error free
[C]Cost of appraising the project’s viability
[D]Cost of appraising rework

9. Effective communication is one of the most important skills required by
[A]The project team
[B]The management
[C]The project manager
[D]The project contractor

10. The following are the possible Interfaces:
[A]Organizational, personnel and external
[B]External and internal
[C]Pure internal and contractual
[D]External and organizational

11. Which of the following does not constitute the role of a project manager:
[A]Integrator and coordinator
[B]Business case approval
[C]Project delivery
[D]Project planning and controlling

12. The three key levels at which responsibility can be defined is at the _______ level, at the _________ level and at the ____________ level.
[A]Project, Strategic, Activity
[B]Project, Activity, WBS
[C]Project, Organization, Team
[D]Team, Organization, contractor

13. The functional manager and project manager have equal power in which organizational structure?
[A]Weak matrix
[C]Strong matrix
[D]Balanced matrix

14. Mark the option which does not form a component of a communication process model
[D]Body language

15. The ______ allows determination of the early start, early finish, late start and late finish.
[A]Three-point estimates
[B]Flow chart technique
[C]Precedence diagramming method
[D]Critical path method


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