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Latest Current Affairs in Competitive Exams ( Current Affairs Quiz - 5)

1. The department of information technology in march 2012 has been renamed as________
[A]Department of electronics
[B]Department of IT
[C]Department of electronics & IT
[D]All of the above

2. India in march 2012 banned ______exports to ensure supplies for domestic industry

3. Reliance industries ltd in march 2012 increased its stake in hospitality firm EIH Ltd to 18.53% by investing
[A]100 cr
[D]175 cr

4. Which bollywood actress has been honoured with the Raj Kapoor Special contribution award 2012 constituted by the Maharashtra govt.?
[A]Madhuri Dixit
[D]Priyanka chopra

5. The bhoja Air passenjer jet crashed at Islamabad main airport killing all 127 people on board. The small domestic airline which operation in march after after ____ a pause has said weather was the cause.

6. Which drug maker in march 2012 received demand notices for 424 cr from national Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority towards interest for alleged drug overpricing?
[B]Cipla ltd
[C]Dr Reddy

7. The Reserve Bank of India in March 2012 bought _____ of government bonds through an open market operation.
[A]5000 cr
[C]10776 cr
[D]9678 cr

8. The international monetary Fund(IMF) has marginally lowered India’s economic growth forecaste to how much percent in 2012, from 7% projected earlier on weak global and domestic demand?

9. With increased number of mouth cancer cases in the country which Indian has becme the first to ban all Gutka products which contain tobacco or nicotine under a new law governing food safety standards ?the ban came into effect from April 1
[C]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Tamil Nadu

10. In which state mass marriage of states mass marriage of girls in the wadia village- the village of sex workers took place on march 11?

11. Biocon india largest biotechnology company by revenue and US drug major Pfizer on 13 March 2012 called off their $350 million deal to sell insulin products made by Biocon. The deal was signed on
[A]Oct 2010
[B]Sep 2010
[C]Oct 2011
[D]Sep 2011

12. Who among the following took over the Director General of the ISI on march 18 2012?
[A]Ashfaq parvez kayani
[B]Zaheer Ul Islam
[C]Asad Durrani
[D]None of the above

13. According to the Economic Survey 2011-12 the fiscal deficit during 2012-13 would be ____% of the GDP

14. Egypt’s Ahmed Hassan recently became the most capped footballer in history during his team’s 1-0 win over Niger. He took over Mohammed al Deayea’s record of 178 caps the Goal keeper of ______
[C]Saudi Arab

15. FIFA President SEPP Blatter in March 2012 strongly supported the initiative of which country to host the 2017 under-17 World Cup?


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