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Latest 2012 Current Affairs for IBPS CWE Exams (Current Affairs Quiz - 8)

1. According to the detailed analysis of the census 2011 data released in march 2012 which one of the following states came after UP to have joint families?

2. Who among the following made the Union Railway Minister on March 20 2012 following the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi?
[A]K Rajalingam
[B]Mamta Banerjee
[C]Mukul Roy
[D]Sudip Bandopadhyay

3. Who among the following won the Pritzker Prize on March 1 2012 for producing excellent pieces of architecture?
[A]Jiang Shetu
[B]Wang Shu
[C]Yung Ho Chang

4. The RBI on march 9 2012 reduced the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by how many basis points wef March 10 2012
[A]25 points
[B]50 points
[C]75 points
[D]100 points

5. Funbook tablet has been launched in India featuring both educational programmes for all classes according to the course curricular on 3-D technology and the availability of around 48 TV channels apart from games and other facilities. This tablet belongs to which company?

6. Which India-based corporate group is in exclusive talks to acquire THE PLAZA, a 105 year old landmark property in New York for around $600 million (Rs 3000 cr)?
[A]RPG Goenka
[B]Reliance Industries
[C]GVK group
[D]The Sahara Group

7. Who is the newly appointed Director of Space Application Centre (SAC) Ahmadabad?
[A]AS Kiran Kumar
[B]Dr RR Navalgund
[C]APJ Abdul Kalam
[D]Madhvan Nair

8. Geeta Pogat created a history by becoming the first Indian woman to qualify for the Olympics after winning Gold medal in the 55 kg category at the Asian___________ qualifying event in Astana, Kazakhstan
[C]Weight lifting

9. Which of the following joined hands in march 2012 to set up $2Billion (Rs 10000 cr ) infrastructure Debt Fund?
[B]Citi Financials
[C]Bank of Baroda & LIC
[D]All of the above

10. Global mining giant Rio Tinto announced plan to invest $2 billion in iron ore and diamond mining project in Madhya Pradesh and
[B]West Bengal

11. In a mjor relief to the airline industry the Union Budget 2012-13 proposed to allow it to raise funds through external commercial borrowings worth how much for a year?
[B]$2 billion
[C]$3 billion
[D]$4 billion

12. Giving push to infrastructure sector in the budget Finance Minster Pranab Mukherjee allowed financial institutions to raise how much from tax free bonds and opening decks for larger private participation
[A]Rs 30000 cr
[B]Rs 50000 cr
[C]Rs 60000 cr
[D]Rs 75000 cr

13. Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover announced in march 2012 to have finalised Chery Automobile company as partner to form an equal joint venture in

14. The Reliance Industries has decided to return some KG fields to the Govt. of India. What is the major production in KG fields owned by RIL?
[B]Crude oil
[D]Iron ore

15. Dada Saheb Phalke Awards are given by Ministry of ______
[A]Social welfare
[B]Home affairs
[C]Human resource development
[D]Information and broadcasting


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