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Indian and Global Current Affairs 2012 (Current Affairs Quiz - 11)

1. Which bank in March announced its shareholders to have approved Rs 7900 cr capital infusion by the government?
[A]Punjab National Bank
[B]Indian Overseas Bank
[C]State Bank of India
[D]Syndicate Bank

2. Defence ministry on march 5, 2012 blacklisted six vendors for alleged involvement in the ordinance factory board scam in 2009 including Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd, Israel Military Industry, Rheinmetall Air Defence, Zurich and
[A]Corporation defence Russia
[B]TS Kisan Delhi
[C]RK Machine Tools Punjab
[D]All of the above

3. India and china on March 6 2012 put into operation a new mechanism to diffuse any tensions that may arise along the disputed ______Km border

4. The bhoomipujan of the proposed Virat Ankorwat Ram mandir in Hajipur was held on march 5. The proposed temple is a replica of combodia’s 12th century Ankor vat the largest Hindu Temple complex in the world built by a Combodian king
[A]Suryavarman I
[B]Suryavarman II
[C]Narsimhavaeman I
[D]Narsimhavarman II

5. The finance minster of Haryana Harmahinder Singh Chatha presented the budget 2012-13 on March 5 what is the budget estimate for a revenue deficit during 2012-13?

6. The prime minister of India inaugurated the 50th anniversary celebration of the Afro-Asian Rural Development Organisation on March 5 2012 in New Delhi. How many African countries are its members?

7. Tata Power in March 2012 joined hands with South Africa based Exxaro to form a joint venture. What is the generation capacity of Tata Powers from all sources of energy?
[A]4678 MW
[B]4772 MW
[C]4776 MW
[D]4798 MW

8. Four private and public sector financial institution-ICICI Bank, LIC, Citi Financials and Bank Of Baroda joined hands to make India’s first $2 Billion Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDF). Which institution has the largest stake in the joint venture?
[C]Citi Financials
[D]Bank of Baroda

9. Which of the following automaker companies on March 6 2012 launched small car B MAX at the Geneva Motor Show?
[C]Tata Motors

10. Who among the following was/were honoured the 67TH National Grassroots Innovation Award on March 9 2012 in New Delhi?
[A]Archana Konwar
[B]Shalin Kumar
[C]Abhishek Bhagat
[D]All of the above

11. Which of the following country won the first women Kabbadi World Cup title in Patna on March 4 2012?

12. The All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Delhi celebrated national childhood cancer day on march 2 2012 on the theme
[A]Love cures cancer
[B]Fight cancer
[C]Beat cancer with love
[D]Healthy life no cancer

13. Which of the following may be considered as the objectives of the Union Budget 2012-13?
[A]Focus on domestic demand driven growth recovery
[B]Intervene decisively to address the problem of malnutrition
[C]Address and improve the supply side of the economy
[D]All of the above

14. Which of the following proposals are true about the new trains according to Union Railway Budget presented on March 14 2012 by Dinesh Trivedi?
[A]75 express trains and 21 new passenger trains
[B]Extension of 39 trains
[C]Frequency of 23 trains increased
[D]All of the above

15. China on March 5 2012 sets its target Growth rate for 2012-13 at 7.55%. what was the growth rate of Chinese Economy during 2011?


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