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General Knowledge(GK) Quiz - 158

1. The omission of words from a sentence, indicated by a set of three dots is commonly known as

2. Who has been conferred Spain's highest military honour, 'The Grand Cross of Military Merit' on behalf of the King of Spain. The award was recognition of Pakistan Army's contribution in the fight against terrorism.
[A]General Jehangir Karamat
[B]General Pervez Musharraf
[C]General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
[D]General Ahsan Saleem Hyat

3. A French-Polish film director, producer, writer and actor. Having made films in Poland, Britain, America and France he is considered one of the few "truly international filmmakers." He is to collect a career honour at the Zurich Film Festival, two years after his arrest in the city on child sex charges. Name him
[A]Peter Bogdanovich
[B]Martin Brest
[C]Robert Butler
[D]Roman Polanski

4. Which of the following bands has been voted the best festival headliner of 2011, in an online poll conducted by BBC 6 Music?
[A]The Ramones
[B]Red Hot Chilli Peppers
[C]The Who

5. In the second-largest Indian acquisition in Australia's mining sector after Adani Group's investment in a Queensland coal block, Hyderabad-based GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd, part of the GVK Group, acquired majority assets of Australia's heiress Gina Rinehart-owned Hancock Coal for ____________
[A]$ 2.20 billion
[B]$ 1.25 billion
[C]$1.26 billion
[D]$ 2.23 billion

6. State-run India Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (IIFCL) signed a memorandum of understanding with ___________ and Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited (IDFC) to share the cost of financing infrastructure projects. Name the company
[A]Life Insurance Corporation of India
[B]Tata AIG
[C]Birla Sun Life
[D]Bajaj Allianz

7. Who won the grand prix of Aragon
[A]James Toseland
[B]Casey Stoner
[C]Dani Pedrosa
[D]Alvaro Bautista

8. He was a former chief of the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) and chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India's Takeover Regulations Advisory Committee (TRAC). He passed away September 19, 2011. Name him
[A]Deepak Parekh
[B]M M Kapoor
[C]Madhukar Kashinath Pandhe
[D]C. Achuthan

9. The second-largest independent oil and gas company in the US after Anadarko Petroleum, is buying oil giant ExxonMobil's North Sea assets for about $1.75 billion in order to increase its North Sea production. Name the company
[A]Chevron Corporation
[B]Questar Corporation
[C]Apache Corp
[D]Marathon Oil Corporation

10. Which of the following global Internet giants won a court case against Australia's competition regulator over claims that sponsored links at the top of its search results were misleading to consumers

11. The science of the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code is called

12. Iron is a sports term associated with which of the following games?

13. The NSG (The Nuclear Suppliers Group) finally waived off the 16-year-old embargo on nuclear relations with India on the
[A]7th of August 2008
[B]6th of September 2008
[C]8th of October 2008
[D]9th of September 2008

14. The capital of Israel is ______________.
[A]Tel Aviv

15. What system of government does the Constitution of India provide?
[A]Bicameral System of Government
[B]Parliamentary System
[C]Cabinet System of Government
[D]Presidential form of Government


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