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Current General Knowledge for all Exams(GK Quiz - 163)

1. Reliance Entertainment Ltd procured 'John Doe Order' from the court restraining websites, cable operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and others from infringing or violating Reliance's copyright by illegally showing the upcoming big budget movies. It also did so earlier for its films Singham, Bodyguard and Don2. What is John Doe?
[A]Its a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action
[B]Name of the judge who first passed the order
[C]It’s a website which does piracy of the films
[D]Name given to a firm who fights piracy case

2. On which riverbank is Goa located?

3. From where Agni III was launched?
[A]Wheeler Island

4. Who is the Chairperson of National Green Tribunal?
[A]Lokeshwar Singh Parata
[B]Anil Pandey
[C]Kiran K
[D]B S Bitta

5. Karrar is the unmaned bomber aircraft of which country?
[D]None of these

6. Who is the CMD of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited?
[A]S K Jain
[B]Harsh Marital
[C]Oskar Singh
[D]None of these

7. Who is the Director of Intelligence Bureau?
[A]Rajeev Mathur
[B]Nehchal Sandhu
[C]Saikat Dutta
[D]None of these

8. Ramagundanar thermal power project is in which state?
[A]Andhra Pradesh
[B]Tamil Nadu

9. Which company has initiated Project Big Green?

10. Vansadhara River dispute is between which states?
[A]Orissa and Andhra Pradesh
[B]Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
[C]Kerala and Tamil Nadu
[D]None of these

11. Who is the Chairperson of National Housing Board?
[A]B N Kapoor
[B]Mata Prasad
[C]R B Verma
[D]None of these

12. Who is India’s permanent representative to United Nations?
[A]Hardeep Singh Puri
[B]M.K. Agnihotri
[C]Vijay Pasricha
[D]None of these

13. Who is the principal scientific advisor to Government of India?
[A]R. Chidambaram
[B]V.K. Saraswat
[C]T.K. Thomas
[D]None of these

14. Who is the Chairman of Central Water Commission?
[A]Balraj Madhok
[B]A.K. Bajaj
[C]Shivran Puri
[D]None of these

15. Who is the Deputy National Security Advisor?
[A]Shiv Shankar Menon
[B]M.K. Narayanan
[C]Shekhar Dutt
[D]None of these


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