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PMP Certification Sample Paper(Project Management Quiz - 70)

1. For a network using PERT for determining activity durations, one of the activities in this network is having a standard deviation of 10 minutes. This activity has pessimistic time duration of 75 minutes. Calculate the optimistic time duration of this activity.
[A]65 minutes
[B]85 minutes
[C]135 minutes
[D]15 minutes

2. An activity has an Optimistic duration of 100 days, a Pessimistic duration of 158 days and a Most likely duration of 120 days. The time estimate which would be considered for this activity is:
[A]120 days
[B]123 days
[C]100 days
[D]160 days

3. 3 time estimates using PERT methodology is generally based on:
[A]Modified normal distribution
[B]Alpha distribution
[C]Triangular distribution
[D]None of the above

4. 3 time estimates should be used when the level of uncertainties is:
[B]Manageable as we have done similar work before
[D]Very low

5. The work effort for an activity is:
[A]The work units needed to complete an activity
[B]The work period available to perform the work of the project
[C]The calendar days taken to complete an activity
[D]The work units needed to complete an activity plus the weekends

6. My work time is 8 hours a day from Monday - Friday. The duration for completing activity A is 192 hours. I have 4 persons who are available full time to complete the activity. If I begin performing A on Monday what is the elapsed time for A to finish?
[A]6 workdays
[B]9 days
[C]8 days
[D]12 workdays

7. In a three time estimate using PERT, if the optimistic estimate for a task is 10 days, most likely is 15 days and pessimistic is 20 days what is the standard deviation of the task?
[A]1.67 days
[B]2 days
[C]1.37 days
[D]Insufficient information to determine the value

8. A dependency that requires that the initial design be completed before detailed design can start is an example of:
[A]Discretionary Dependency
[B]Mandatory dependency
[C]External dependency
[D]Internal dependency

9. The ______________ task relationship is the most common task scheduling relationship:
[A]Start to start
[B]Finish to start
[C]Finish to finish
[D]Start to finish

10. The preceding activity must start before the succeeding activity can finish denotes which kind of dependency?
[A]Finish to start
[B]Start to start
[C]Finish to Finish
[D]Start to finish

11. When a task cannot be completed before another task is completed, it is called a?
[A]Critical relationship
[B]Finish to finish dependency
[C]Concurrent task
[D]Finish to start dependency

12. Lag means:
[A]Amount of time a task can be delayed without delaying the project
[B]Amount of time a task can be delayed without delaying the early start date of its successor activity/activities
[C]A modification of the logical relationship in a network which delays a successor activity
[D]The amount of time a project is lagging behind from the original schedule

13. In creating your network diagram, you know that the second task cannot be started till 4 days have passed after the completion of first task due to external reasons. Another name for this compulsory wait is:
[A]Free float

14. Which term describes a modification of a logical relationship that accelerates a successor task?

15. A lag can occur _______:
[A]In a finish to start relationship
[B]In a finish to finish relationship
[C]In a start to start relationship
[D]All of the above


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