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GK Question Answers Multiple Choice Format (General Knowledge Quiz - 151)

1. Dave Whatmore was appointed as the principal coach by which of the following teams?
[D]South Africa

2. Indian Tennis pair of Mahesh Bhupati and Rohan Bopanna won the doubles title of Dubai Open on 3 March 2012. It was Bhupati's _______ career title.

3. Identify the personality with whom these statements are associated
1. He has recently joined the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited as its Chairman
2. He is one of the few outsiders to head HAL
3. He started his career with ONGC in 1976
4. He has also served as the head of Pawan Hans Limited
[A]RK Sharma
[B]RK Tyagi
[C]AM Naik
[D]Pratip Chaudhury

4. Which of the following Indian company has formed a joint venture with South African firm Exxaro
[A]Reliance Industries
[C]Tata Power
[D]Vodafone India

5. Who has been appointed the new Managing Director of Hyundai India?
[A]Bo Shin Seo
[B]Andrew Mark
[C]Anil Aggarwal
[D]Anand Mahindra

6. Admax, South Asia's largest digital media network was acquired by which Indian company
[A]Komli Media
[C]Tata Teleservices
[D]Google India

7. James Murdoch, who on 29 February 2012 stepped down as Executive Chairman of News International is son of
[A]Rupert Grint
[B]Steve Murdoch
[C]Mark Rupert
[D]Rupert Murdoch

8. Identify the personality with whom these statements are associated
1. He has recently been appointed as the Chairman of Mindtree Limited
2. He is also the co-founder of Mindtree limited
3. He has replaced Ashok Soota as the Chairman of Mindtree Limited
4. He has also served as the Vice Chaiman of Mindtree
[A]Subroto Bagchi
[B]Vivek Hooda
[C]Ashok Malik
[D]Pradeep Rungta

9. Which one of the following statements is wrong
[A]Varun Berry resigned from the Pepsi Co India on 29 February 2012
[B]He was the Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo India Food
[C]He joined the company in 2006
[D]As the CEO of PepsiCo India Foods, he promoted brands like Lay's, Quaker, Kurkure and Lehar

10. Company Law Board on 1 March 2012, returned the petitions of
[A]Telenor and Unitech
[B]Reliance Telecom
[C]Etisalat DB

11. Which of the following public sector bank has appointed Madhukant Girdharlal Sanghvi as its new Chairman
[A]Bank of Baroda
[B]Allahabad Bank
[C]State Bank of Maharashtra
[D]Syndicate Bank

12. Consider the following statements and using the code given below identify the personality with whom these statements are associated
1. He is an Australian national
2. He led the Australian cricket team twice to the world cup victory
3. He has 30 centuries and 82 fifties in ODI in his name
4. He on 21 February 2012 announced his retirement from the One day cricket
[A]Andrew Simonds
[B]Shane Watson
[C]Ricky Ponting
[D]Kevin Pieterson

13. Year 2012 is being launchedas the year of ______ in context of agriculture?
[A]Green Manure
[B]Organic Farming

14. Who among the following has won the Best actor Award in the 59th National Film Awards 2011?
[A]Amir Khan
[B]Nasiruddin Shah
[C]Girish Kulkarni
[D]Salman Khan

15. The four leading countries in the recently held first women's World Cup Kabaddi championship were as follows:
[A]India, Iran, Japan, Russia
[B]India, Iran, Japan, Thailand
[C]India, Australia, Japan, Iran
[D]India, Australia, Iran, Japan


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