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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 68 (Program Management)

1. Scope planning is done to:
[A]Progressively elaborate the work of the project
[B]Develop and document a scope statement for the project
[C]Clarify and concretize the project deliverables
[D]All of the above

2. Scope statement should make reference to all except:
[A]Product acceptance criteria
[B]Project objectives
[C]Project deliverables
[D]The project's network schedule

3. Scope statement is not helpful in:
[A]Detailed planning of the project's scope
[B]Improving communication among stakeholders
[C]Earned value calculations
[D]Establishing better understanding among team members

4. When defining the scope we are mainly concerned with:
[A]Including only the work required to successfully complete the project
[B]Excluding all unnecessary work
[C]Ensuring stakeholder needs are met
[D]All of the above

5. WBS provides all of the following except:
[A]The basic foundation tool for the total project's planning and control
[B]The list of work packages
[C]Basis for the development of the organizational breakdown structure and the cost breakdown structure (CBS)
[D]The schedule of project activities

6. The work package within a work breakdown structure is ______________:
[A]A group of activities defining the milestone
[B]A group of activities defined under primary headings
[C]The rollout task primary to the structure
[D]The lowest level of the work breakdown structure

7. A work package has:
[A]Specific duration
[B]A quality objective
[C]Limited resources available
[D]All of the above

8. Using the work breakdown structure indicated below, an instance of a work package is:
1.0.0. Build house
1.1.0. Excavate
1.1.1. Survey
1.1.2. Dig hole
1.2.0. Prepare foundation
[C]Prepare foundation
[D]Build house

9. The work package is the lowest level of WBS for:
[A]Controlling time in manageable way
[B]Controlling cost in a manageable way
[C]Controlling resources in a manageable way
[D]All of above

10. At what level of detail would you form a work package in the WBS in order to review your contractor's work?
[A]Normally it will be 1 to 2 levels higher then what would be used for monitoring work done internally
[B]At a lower level than if the work was being done internally
[C]It does not matter
[D]Depends on the contractor's willingness

11. Scope management plan provides the basis as how:
[A]Changes will be identified and classified
[B]Changes made in WBS will be integrated into the project
[C]Stability of project can be seen
[D]All of the above

12. Scope management plan is necessary:
[A]For small projects only
[B]For all kind of projects
[C]For complex projects
[D]For R& D projects only

13. Increasing the level of the WBS from 3rd to 4th level will result in:
[A]Extra efforts to be spent with less return
[B]Being part of the fashion to go in more depth
[C]Better control of the project
[D]More headaches in reporting progress

14. The work breakdown structure is an excellent tool for detailing the work content of a project. However, which of the following will not be gained through the WBS:
[A]Assessing the quality of the work performed
[B]Assessing the risk impact
[C]Assessing the time estimates
[D]Assessing the cost estimates

15. When do you think the WBS should first be created?
[A]During scope changes in a project
[B]During the feasibility study
[C]When the project is being executed
[D]At beginning of a project in the planning phase



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