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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marketing Management Quiz - 2

1. Kimberly-Clark closed down a number of small under performing businesses like Midwest Express that limited the opportunities for improving its airline business. This is an example of
[A]Product line pruning
[B]Product line extension
[C]Product line filling
[D]Product line modernization

2. The use of symbols to provide strong brand recognition is a typical strategy used in which of the following types of differentiation?

3. Bubble-Right makes all the world’s bubble gums but sells them through middlemen who market these bubble gums under individual store brands. This is an example of
[A]Manufacturer's branding
[B]National branding
[C]Private branding
[D]Licensed branding

4. Which form of distribution has a limited number of intermediaries between the producer and the customer?
[A]Intensive distribution
[B]Selective distribution
[C]Expansive distribution
[D]Exclusive distribution

5. Which of the following best describes the nature of distribution channels?
I. Intermediaries match supply and demand.
II. Producers can do without intermediaries, but not the functions they perform.
III. Information dissemination is an important marketing channel function.
IV. Distribution channels consist of interdependent organizations.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (III) above
[D]All (I), (II), (III) and (IV) above

6. Which of the following factors is/are not true for marketing communications?
I. A mass marketing strategy is the way forward.
II. Customers can clearly distinguish between message sources.
III. Message structure and format illustrates what a marketing communicator decides to say.
IV. Computers and IT are helping a shift towards effective mass marketing.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (III) and (IV) above
[D](I), (III) and (IV) above.

7. Which of the following statements about the promotional mix is true?
[A]The promotional mix only contains four promotional elements
[B]Of all the promotional elements only public relations is completely free
[C]Direct marketing is the only promotional element that provides immediate feedback
[D]The difficulty with effective sales promotions is the fact they can be easily duplicated

8. Before the salespeople for Ascom Timeplex, Inc., set out to make a sales call, they use their laptop computers to dial into the company's database. There, the salespeople can retrieve the latest price lists, engineering and configuring notes for each customer, and status reports on previous orders. The laptops can also be used to send customer orders to Ascom Timeplex headquarters in New Jersey. Which of the following helps to make the Ascom Timeplex salespeople more efficient and more effective?
[B]Field computerization
[C]Salesforce automation
[D]A combination compensation plan

9. Which of the following is a technique, which helps in evaluating the factors responsible for the deviations in sales?
[A]Sales analysis
[B]Market share analysis
[C]Sales variance analysis
[D]Marketing expense to sales analysis

10. Coca-Cola, Budweiser beer, and Marlboro cigarettes use this method of market entry in foreign markets. This method allows these companies (and others) to retain control over their products while others manufacture and distribute the products in foreign markets. The companies are paid a fee or royalty for the right to manufacture their products. Which of the following entry strategies would be associated with the method described?
[B]Management contracting
[C]Direct investment

11. Which of the following are discussion groups located on commercial websites that link users to libraries, directories or chat rooms?
[A]Bulletin boards
[B]Web communities

12. Which of the following are useful for serving as an early warning about service problems?
[A]Policy manuals
[B]Employee handbooks
[C]Complaint logs
[D]Strategic plans

13. When a company adjusts price levels so that it can increase sales volume to levels that match the organization's expenses, it is said to employ a ____________ pricing objective.
[A]Market share
[B]Cash flow
[C]Return on investment

14. ________ pricing is possible when a firm is able to reduce its manufacturing costs at a predictable rate through improved methods, materials, skills, and machinery.

15. In new product development, which of the following expenses does a company have to bear during test marketing?
I. High advertising costs considering the low volume.
II. Indirect cost of revealing the new product idea to competitors.
III. High distribution costs, because of low volumes.
IV. Cost of distributing samples, coupons etc.
[A]Only (II) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D]All (I), (II), (III) and (IV) above